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Michael Ramirez on Iran and the Spread of Islamic Extremism


U.S., Britain Drafting Stricter Iran Sanctions

The United States and Britain are preparing drafts for a punishing new U.N. resolution against Iran that could impose sweeping travel bans on the country’s top military and security officials, require inspections on its cargo flights and ships, forbid all import and export of arms shipments, and freeze the assets of major Iranian banks, according to U.S. and European officials.

The new Security Council resolution would be the third against Iran for failing to comply with a U.N. resolution demanding a freeze of Tehran‘s uranium enrichment program. That program produces peaceful nuclear energy but could also be subverted to develop the world’s deadliest weapon.

The U.S. and British drafts, which overlap in many places, are designed to greatly ratchet up the pressure on Tehran. The two previous resolutions, in December and March, imposed limited sanctions that have had marginal impact.

Of course, Russia and China might veto the stronger sanction resolutions. But, one year of stalling and ignoring previous United Nations Security Council resolutions have allowed Iran to step up its uranium enrichment and move cloaer to “BREAKOUT CAPACITY.”


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