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Rudy Giuliani Watch: John Edwards Attacks Rudy Over 9/11


John Edwards attacked former New York Mayor Rudy Giulini today over comments regarding 9/11.

Funny that Flap doesn’t see Edwards in any of these World Trade Center 9/11 photos. But, Flap does remember that Edwards called the War on Terror a slogan for a Bumper Sticker and that Rudy was Bush on Steroids.


Edwards is so desperate to curry favor with the extreme left NUTROOTS of the Democrat Party and his benefactor George Soros that he will say PATHETICALLY anything.

By the way, here are the Mayor’s revised or clarified remarks heard on the Mike Gallagher show this morning prior to John Edward’s press release pick up by the Hill:

It is a major concern of mine, the health of the workers there at Ground Zero and, you know, what I was trying to say yesterday is that I empathize with them because I feel like I have that same risk. And the way I said it, I probably could have said it better, but what I was trying to say was I was there quite a bit, there are people that were there more than me, people that were [there] less than me. There were people there less than me, people on my staff, who already have had serious health consequences and they weren’t there as often as I was.
But I wasn’t trying to suggest a competition of any kind, which is the way it come across. And I think I could have said it better. You know, what I was saying was ‘I’m there with you.’ Gosh almighty, I was there often enough, even though they were there, people there more and people there less, but I was there often enough so that every health consequence that people have suffered, I could also be suffering. People on my staff were there with me. Some of them weren’t there as often as I was and some of them have gotten sick already.…
Both as an individual and as a former mayor, my goal is the health of the workers there. The people who might get sick, the people who have gotten sick. Some of the people that have gotten sick were some of my close friends and some people that were on my staff that used to come down there with me. And some of them were down there more than I was and some of them were down there less than I was and they still got sick. Even people that were there less than I was. So that was the point I was trying to make. That people who have been exposed to that risk down there are entitled to be taken care of. They’re entitled to get compensation. We should give them everything. I mean they are heroes in my estimation. And what I was trying to say was even those that were there less than me and the reality is that we’re all in this together and I’m there with them and I feel that I have the same concerns that they have.


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