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New York Democrat Representative Charles Rangel

Charlie Rangel calls Rudy a “BUM” – a terrible man.

This shows what a classLESS act Rangel is. But, then again, he always has been a black race baiting fool, now hasn’t he been?

Wonder how much Rudy paid the ol’ POS?

Look at what the FREEPERS are calling Rangel.

Rangel and his endorsee for President


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One Response to “Representative Charles Rangel Calls Rudy Giuliani a Bum”
  1. Neocon News says:

    “You’re a bum!” Rangel to Giulianni…

    Representative Charlie Rangel has called Rudy Giuliani a bum.

    Although he is a seasoned political trainer, Representative Rangel’s verbal attack on Rudy Giuliani didn’t appear to be reverse psychology.
    This isn’t the first time Charl…

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