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Day By Day by Chris Muir September 6, 2007


Day By Day by Chris Muir

Norman Hsu Skips Bail Reduction Hearing

Fox News et. al. are reporting that Norman Hsu was a NO SHOW for court and that he was not required when he surrendered last week to turn in his passport.

Hsu forfeits $2 million in bail he posted last week. An arrest warrant has been issued.

Hsu’s lawyer says he doesn’t know where he is.

Hsu has been a fugitive in California for 15 years during which time he became a top donor to Democratic candidates, including presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hsu pleaded no contest in 1991 to a felony count of grand theft, admitting he’d defrauded investors of $1 million in a bogus investment scam.

Prosecutors say he was facing up to three years in prison when he skipped town before being sentenced.

Federal Election Commission records show Hsu donated $260,000 to the Democratic party and candidates since 2004.

So, where is Norman Hsu

And check out Flip’s summary of the extent of Norman Hsu’s contributions to Democrats.


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