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GOP Debate Watch : Who Won Tonight’s New Hampshire Debate?

Republican presidential candidates former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) pose for photographers before their debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire September 5, 2007.


John McCain reasserted himself in tonight’s debate as an experienced politician. Remember McCain beat George W Bush in New Hampshire in 2000.

Rudy held his own (despite Fox’s Frank Lunz’s New Hampshire focus groups) made NO errors and looked Presidential. He remains the national frontrunner. There is NO DOUBT that Rudy has the executive leadership that will keep America SAFE.

Mike Huckabee schooled Ron Paul on the Iraq War and American resolve.


Mitt Romney looked befuddled and indecisive. The question about his sons not serving in the military was devastating. Flap will be surprised if the race doesn’t tighten and Romney loses his lead.

Fred Thompson for not being present.

This should be the last debate for the remaining candidates unless they poll more than 5% in any national poll.

What are others saying?

Marc Ambiner – The Atlantic: “My gut instinct: Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani won. John McCain did very well, too.”

National Review’s Kate O’Beirne: “[G]iuliani scored a hit … by raising importance of executive experience.

National Review’s Rich Lowry: “[Giuliani] is so good in these debates.”

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  • Nathaniel

    McCain looked surprisingly strong, I don’t think this will save his candidacy but it might help…

    Mike Huckabee who looked so strong in the Iowa debate did not do as well as I expected him to. However, he redeemed himself with his glowing reminder of McCain’s sacrifice and his emphasis on American moral resolve later as he took Ron Paul to task. He looked tired, which does not surprise me considering that he has been campaigning like an absolute madman after his straw poll showing. I think that he has launched himself out of the 2nd tier and is struggling to be a legitimate player in this primary election.

    Duncan Hunter spoke right to what the conservatives wanted to hear, hardline black and white and that did him credit. Even though he announced awhile back he has only just started.

    Ron Paul has reached his high water mark and finally has begun to show signs that there is a glass ceiling to the libertarian vote. He will need to look third party because despite his strong internet support he will never receive the support of the Republican party.

    Tom Tancredo did his part as issue raiser in this campaign. He knows he has no shot at the White House and has been more free to take direct shots at the other candidates.

    Sam Brownback has been labeled has been whether he deserves it or not and is fading fast, he did very little to change his status.

    The three main guys: Fred, Rudy, and Mitt honestly all scare me. Rudy is far too liberal socially, Mitt is a flip flopper who can’t avoid the gaffes, and Fred slapped NH voters in the face when he went no show.

  • Pavlo Remada

    I am an independent and was anxious to watch the debate last night. I was very disappointed. I was pleased with McCain’s comments on Iraq and while I mostly agree with Ron Paul that we should just get out, I found Huckabee’s retorts persuasive. He should have given Colin Powell credit for the break it your own it theory rather than his mom. Although I dislike Giuliani personally, there is something very appealing about him as a leader. He is quite effective and I think America could do a lot worse than Rudy.

    Speaking of worse, Tancredo and Hunter are quasi-nutty. I could not even follow what Hunter was saying about Cuba and democrats. But even worse was Romney because he is suppose to be a leading candidate. He was very non-committal and non-specific on all of his answers, and I found two of his answers quite “Clintonian.” When asked why he raised fees in Massachusetts he said he did not raise taxes as if fees weren’t a form of tax. And when Rudy zinged him with the sanctuary cities in Massachusetts he said he was not responsible. If the governor is not responsible for cities and towns, what else is there?

    Finally, I was surprised that there was not a single question or comment about education or healthcare. That is just crazy