President 2012: Fred Thompson Says Romney Has Matt Drudge in His Back Pocket

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Former Tennesse Senator Fred Thompson makes the comment about Matt Drudge around 9:35

Nah, I don’t really think so. But the Drudge Report has been featuring a goodly number of anti-Gingrich links as of late.

Who knows, perhaps there is bad blood between Gingrich and Matt from years ago?

But, it is interesting that Drudge would be supporting the GOP Establishment machine. Drudge is just not an establishment type.

The Debt-Limit Debate: Call it a Day and a Win GOP

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House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, right, and Republican Conference Chairman Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas , center, listen as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Va., left, speaks during a news conference at The Republican National Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I suggesting the GOP House Tea Party Caucus should hold their nose and vote for the Boehner debt-limit plan?

Yes, if you want to beat President Obama in 2012.

The debt-limit debate is heading toward a culmination, with President Obama reduced to pleading for the public to support a tax increase and Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid releasing competing plans that are the next-to-last realistic options. The question now is whether House Republicans are going to help Mr. Boehner achieve significant progress, or, in the name of the unachievable, hand Mr. Obama a victory.

Mr. Obama recognizes these stakes, threatening yesterday to veto the Boehner plan in a tactical move to block any Democratic support. The White House is afraid that it will pass the House and then become the only debt-ceiling vehicle if Mr. Reid can’t get 60 votes for his own proposal in the Senate. This would short-circuit Mr. Obama’s plan to blame the GOP for a U.S. credit downgrade, any market turmoil, a possible default, and the lousy economy too.

Read all of the rest of the piece.

The fact is American voters WILL blame the GOP for a further collapse in the economy and the polling is clear on the matter. Plus, there is no need for frightened credit markets or a possible default.

As Fred Thompson wrote:

We will never achieve entitlement or tax reform with a doctrinaire liberal in the White House. Any agreements to do so in “out years” would probably be unenforceable even if agreement were achieved. And we can only do so much while controlling one half of one branch of government. Ladies and Gentlemen of the House Republicans, you have laid some great groundwork to rectify both of those situations. Now it is the time to accept a well-won victory and move on.

Thompson is RIGHT – time to move on, vote for the Boehner Plan and if Obama vetoes it, then he broke it.

John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney? Part Two – With VP Poll

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Mitt Romney, Charlie Crist and Bobby Jindal

Vice President contenders? Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

The “purely social”get together of Senator and presumptive GOP Presidential nominee John McCain at his Sedona, Arizona ranch Saturday with GOP leaders has “nothing whatsoever to do with the vice presidential selection process” according to Charlie Black, a key McCain campaign strategist.


But, what is interesting is the emphasis (leak) now on Fox News that “other” perspective Vice President candidates have either ALREADY visited with McCain at the Hidden Valley Ranch, like Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty OR were invited this weekend and had other committments, like Mike Huckabee. Looks like the campaign was caught flat-footed on this “purely social” event.

Others mentioned to attend the Memorial Day weekend BBQ include:

  • Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
  • Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
  • Former e-Bay Chief Executive Meg Whitman
  • FedEx Corp. Chief Executive Frederick W. Smith

Ok, so maybe this is a “meet and greet’ and not a serious series of interviews. But, what better way to create some “BUZZ” over the Vice Presidential sweepstakes and at the same time begin the pundit vetting of potential candidates – all on the cheap of an Arizona BBQ grill.

So, Flap will go one step further and rip off this poll idea from Marc Ambinder except Flap will name names.

Vote for John McCain’s Vice President:

[polldaddy poll=”632471″]


John McCain Watch: VP Sweepstakes – Crist, Jindal and Romney?

Fred Thompson Endorses John McCain for President

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Fred Thompson yesterday afternoon endorsed John McCain for President. A little late since Rudy Giuliani endorsed McCain immediately after he withdrew but slow and safe Fred has never been that quick on the draw.

Fred will have to be on the short list for the Vice Presidency. Thompson would be a safe mainstream choice which would appease the conservative and southern base of the GOP.

Flap bets Thompson may very well be the next Vice President.

Fred Thompson Is Out

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Fox News is reporting that Fred Thompson will withdraw from the Presidential race sometime today. Fox News also is reporting that Thompson who is on an airplane returning home to Virginia told Nashville, Tennessee campaign headquarter’s workers that it was time to close up shop.

After barely four months of what could be called lackluster campaigning, Fred Thompson departs.