Will John Boehner be Ousted as Speaker?

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Boehner and CampSpeaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) (front, in green tie) walks with Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) (R) after a meeting with House Republicans about a “fiscal cliff” deal on Capitol Hill in Washington January 1, 2013

This is a rumor over at Breitbart this morning after the Senate fiscal cliff compromise legislation was passed last night.

American Majority Action spokesman Ron Meyer told Breitbart News late Tuesday that enough House Republicans have banded together in an effort to unseat House Speaker John Boehner from his position–they just need a leader to take up the mantle.

“At least 20 House Republican members have gotten together, discussed this and want to unseat Speaker Boehner–and are willing to do what it takes to do it,” Meyer said. “That’s more than enough to get the job done, but the one problem these guys face is they need a leader to coalesce behind.”

There will be NO leader and there will be NO ouster.

No one has the stature to challenge Boehner and all of the House leadership supported the deal, regardless of their votes.

Just a bunch of HOT AIR, due to the RIGHT’s unhappiness with last night’s vote.

There will be new battlefronts in the near future (including sequesration and the debt limit), but replacing Boehner will not be one of them.

The House Fiscal Cliff Strategy: Shut Up and Pass a Bill

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Boehner and Obama What Should the GOP House Do About The Fiscal Cliff?

epublican House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama at the White House on November 16, 2012

Earth speaking to Republican House Speaker John Boehner on the “Fiscal Cliff” – shut up and pass a bill. You are not winning the discourse with the President.

I told you before what to do and it is very simple.

Pass an extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut and block its automatic rise from 4.2 percent of wages to 6.2 percent. To raise that tax now and scoop off the discretionary income of most of America’s families in this anemic economy makes no sense economically or politically.

The House should then vote to extend the Bush tax cuts for another year, with a pledge to do tax reform — lowering tax rates in return for culling, cutting or capping deductions for the well-to-do in the new year.

Then let Harry Reid work his will. If the Senate votes to let Social Security taxes rise, let Harry and his party explain this to the middle class that gets hammered in January. If the Senate votes to let the Bush tax cuts lapse for those over $200,000, decide in the caucus whether to negotiate — or to go home for Christmas and New Year’s.

As for the automatic sequester that would impose $100 billion in cuts next year, half in defense, do nothing. Let it take effect. The budget has to be cut, and while these cuts are heavy on defense, the depth and mixture can be adjusted in the new year.

Another week has gone by and nothing really has happened, except Obama has been beating up on the Republican brand. Boehner, you are not going to be doing any better than the above.

So, just do it and get it over.

Day By Day February 29, 2012 – Par for the Course

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Republican House Speaker John Boehner, just like his GOP predecessor Newt Gingrich is a Big Government, go-along type of personality. Boehner hasn’t written his books yer, but he is not a movement type of POL.

Now, the Democrats are boasting that they will retake the House in November.

While this is doubtful, the GOP House Leadership should be purged in January just as a matter of their incompetence to drive a conservative narrative.

House GOP Blinks and Accepts Senate Passed Two Month Extension of Payroll Tax Cut

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Of course, the House GOP blinked because it was the ONLY rationale course of action.

House Speaker John Boehner says he has reached agreement with the Senate to renew the payroll tax cut before it expires Dec. 31.

The Ohio Republican said in a statement Thursday that he expects to pass a new bill by Christmas that would renew the tax break for two months while congressional negotiators work out a longer-term measure that would also extend jobless benefits for millions of Americans and prevent doctors from absorbing a big cut in Medicare payments.

The GOP House has suffered only a “flesh wound” as one of my Facebook friends has said.

But, the entire flap was handled very badly and the GOP House Caucus should be looking at some better leadership.

The GOP’s Payroll Tax Fiasco – Yeah Boehner and Cantor Blew It

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Flanked by House GOP members, Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner speaks during a media availability on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama Tuesday warned Republican “brinksmanship” could hurt the fragile US economy, doubling down in a pre-Christmas power duel over taxes which has deep political implications

The House GOP leadership have created a fiasco out of a win-win compromise on the payroll tax cut extension – and they did it right before Christmas.

Bravo, GOP establishment morons in Washington.

Even the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page is giving you an #EPICFAIL.

GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell famously said a year ago that his main task in the 112th Congress was to make sure that President Obama would not be re-elected. Given how he and House Speaker John Boehner have handled the payroll tax debate, we wonder if they might end up re-electing the President before the 2012 campaign even begins in earnest.

The GOP leaders have somehow managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for opposing a one-year extension of a tax holiday that they are surely going to pass. This is no easy double play.

Republicans have also achieved the small miracle of letting Mr. Obama position himself as an election-year tax cutter, although he’s spent most of his Presidency promoting tax increases and he would hit the economy with one of the largest tax increases ever in 2013. This should be impossible.

The House GOP should reconsider their position, pass the two month extension and go home for Christmas.

What a CLUSTER……