• Barack Obama,  GOP,  John Boehner

    President Obama Challenges GOP to Produce a Budget – “Here It Is Mr. President”

    Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) introduces the House GOP Road to Recovery

    House Republican Leader John Boehner Challenges President Obama’s Assertion That GOP Has Not Offered a Better Solution.

    Full text of the “Republican Road to Prosperity” document.

    The devil is in the details which will be released next week.

    The House GOP leaders say they’ll unveil more details next week. “We were always planning on putting out an overall blueprint, which we did today,” House Minority Leader Boehner’s office emails First Read. “The numbers will come next week with a multi-hundred page piece of legislation that Paul Ryan is currently drafting.”

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  • Barack Obama,  GOP,  John Boehner,  Karl Rove

    Obama Delivers an Opening for the Republican Party

    House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today delivered remarks on the House floor about the President’s budget that taxes, spends and borrows too much and Democrats’ taxpayer funded non-stop spending binge. He also spoke about the GOP’s better solutions that would allow middle-class families and small businesses to keep more of what they earn.

    So, says Karl Rove.

    Republicans sense the opportunity. The House GOP leadership deputized the top Budget Committee Republican, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, to prepare an alternative budget. The GOP budget won’t raise taxes, gets spending and debt under control, and will result in a stronger economy with more jobs. House Republicans plan a major selling effort back home during the coming recess. Minority Leader John Boehner is already up on YouTube extolling the plan.

    Senate Republicans will not prepare a complete alternative, but they will offer a robust package of amendments, with a wave of proposals for each of the three weeks the upper chamber will devote to the budget. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander foreshadowed the GOP’s theme by saying the Democratic budget taxes, spends and borrows too much.

    Remember him?

    The GOP should immediately prepare and promote their alternatives to the Democrat’s tax and spend largess.

    Flap thinks another “Contract with America” is being written.

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  • Barack Obama,  John Boehner,  John McCain

    Boehner: Obama’s Economic Stimulus Plan – “A Lot of Wasteful Washington Spending”

    House Republican Leader John Boehner on today’s Meet The Press

    The GOP has drawn a line in the sand regarding President Obama’s latest economic stimulus proposal.

    Republicans plan to test President Barack Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship as his $825 billion stimulus package heads to the floor of the House of Representatives this week, with the House Republican leader saying Sunday morning that many in his party will vote no unless there are significant changes to the plan.

    “Right now, given the concerns that we have over the size of this package and all of the spending in this package, we don’t think it’s going to work,” the House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Republican of Ohio, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And so if it’s the plan that I see today, put me down in the no column.”

    While the plan can potentially pass the Democrat-dominated House without Republican support, it will continue to face opposition when it comes before the Senate, said Senator John McCain of Arizona, speaking on “Fox News Sunday.” At least two Republicans will need to approve the bill for a filibuster-proof majority vote of 60.

    Senator McCain, who lost the presidential election to Mr. Obama in November, said that he planned to vote no unless the bill were changed.

    “We need to make tax cuts permanent, and we need to make a commitment that there’ll be no new taxes,” Mr. McCain said. “We need to cut payroll taxes. We need to cut business taxes.”

    “We need to have a commitment that after a couple of quarters of G.D.P. growth that we will embark on a path,” he said about the gross domestic product, “to reduce spending to get our budget in balance.”

    Both Boehner and McCain are RIGHT. The American economy needs a recovery plan but one that works, stimulates business activity and one that leads to MORE American jobs – and quickly.

    Since the government will be running massive short term deficits anyway, why not suspend the payroll tax for workers and create an immediate tax credit to be applied to an employer’s share of the paytoll tax to business if they hire employees?

    Sounds to simple, doesn’t it?

    But, it is immediate and is what the economy needs.

    Massive government spending without direction (Obama’s plan) is throwing money down a rat hole.

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  • Dan Lungren,  John Boehner

    John Boehner Retains House GOP Leader Position


    House GOP minority leader John Boehner and California Representative Dan Lungren

    Representative John Boehner of Ohio has been re-elected as House GOP leader over Representative Dan Lundgren of California.

    Boehner was re-elected by his Republican colleagues Wednesday over a late challenger, Rep. Dan Lungren of California.

    The 59-year-old congressman from Ohio has served as Republican leader the past two years. The party he heads will have some 20 fewer members in the next Congress following defeats in the November election.

    The Republican leadership team under Boehner will shift somewhat to the right with the addition of two members of the party’s conservative wing. Eric Cantor of Virginia will become Republican whip and Mike Pence of Indiana will be the new chairman of the Republican Conference.

    Lose 50 seats and get re-elected.


    Cantor and Pence are solid additions to the GOP House leadership.


    California Representative Dan Lungren to Challenge for GOP House Leadership

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  • Dan Boren,  Dan Lungren,  John Boehner

    California Representative Dan Lungren to Challenge for GOP House Leadership


    House GOP minority leader John Boehner and California Representative Dan Lungren

    Former California Attorney General and Sacramento area Congressman Dan Lungren has decided to challenge Representative John Boehner for the House GOP minority leader post.

    Rep. Dan Lungren announced Friday that he will challenge Rep. John Boehner for House Republican leader.
    Lungren (Calif.) is considered a longshot to unseat Boehner (Ohio), who moved quickly after last week’s election to shore up support in the GOP Conference.

    The 62-year-old Californian earlier this week indicated he was weighing a bid, but some on Capitol Hill believed he would not opt to challenge Boehner because he lacks the votes.

    Furthermore, successful leadership bids are usually announced right after an election. Lungren waited 10 days to make his announcement, which he made in a “Dear Colleague” letter.

    Lungren hopes to tap into member frustration with the state of the party, and its huge losses in the last two elections.

    After House Republicans lost 30 seats in 2006, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) challenged Boehner but was easily defeated, 168-27.

    Dan Lungren is a far better spokesman for the GOP than Boehner can EVER hope to be. And, look at Boehner’s track record – a loss of 50 plus GOP seats in the House.

    Time for a change and Lungren can lead the charge.

    Dan Lungren:

    “It is my belief that it is neither in the interest of our party or the advancement of our conservative principles to simply affirm the status quo by acclamation in light of what happened on November 4th,” Lungren said.

    The election for the GOP House leadership will be next week.

    Stay tuned…..

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  • GOP,  John Boehner

    GOP Leaders Support The Crap Sandwich of $700 Billion Financial Rescue

    crap sandwich

    House Republican Whip, Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., right, and House Republican Leader, Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, speak to reporters regarding the status of legislation on the financial crisis Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 on Capitol Hill in Washington

    How many rank and file Republicans will support the “crap sandwich” financial bailout plan tomorrow as the House reconvenes?

    In a closed-door session with House Republicans Sunday evening, Minority Leader John A. Boehner called the $700 billion financial rescue deal a “crap sandwich” — then said he plans to vote for it.

    House Republicans are the key to the bill’s passage Monday – Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that it’s a “bipartisan” bill and will need “bipartisanship” to pass – and it now appears that many will cast their votes in favor of it.

    But many Republicans still harbor deep misgivings about the legislation, and the outcome remains uncertain. Asked Sunday night where the support stood for the legislation, Boehner told reporters, “We don’t know.”

    Alabama Rep. Spencer Bachus, the ranking Republican on the Financial Services Committee who was publicly removed from the negotiations on this bill, told a gathering of conservative lawmakers Sunday night that he would oppose the bill, according to some present. In emotional remarks to the group, Bachus said he’d told Boehner, and Boehner had said he was disappointed. Bachus, who supported Boehner in his bid for leader, joked that he might not be ranking on Financial Services next year.

    Indiana Rep. Mike Pence — the first member of either party to publicly oppose the initial Treasury proposal — lobbied leaders to start over again from scratch.

    Probably not enough GOP members to block this horrible legislation. But, enough to divide the caucus and cascade McCain to a loss in November.

    If it is a “crap sandwich” why don’t you vote NO and start over again?


    Or, simply “Buy my s**tpile, Henry

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