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    Save America’s Food and Economy Conference Call with Rep. Dan Lungren

    Carol Chandler discusses her experiences and the need for a strong, stable, farming workforce.

    I was on a conference call earlier this afternoon with Craig Regelbrugge of SAFE (Save America’s Food and Economy) and California Representative Dan Lungren. The issue of the call is protecting America’s agricultural labor force in light of E-Verify and specifically HR-2164.

    Here is their fact sheet page.

    Current bill – H.R.2164 – “The Legal Workforce Act”

    Summary, status and full text of legislation currently under consideration in Congress which mandates use of E-Verify by all employers in the United States. The bill was introduced on June 14, 2011 by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX).

    Background –
    What is E-Verify?

    A government primer on the Internet-based employee eligibility system managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    Background –
    E-Verify Wiki

    Overview of E-Verify and its history, including references to federal and state government application.

    Past proposals, AgJOBS –
    S. 1038

    Senate version of AgJOBS compromise legislation introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

    Past proposals, AgJOBS – H.R. 2412

    House version of AgJOBS compromise legislation introduced by Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA).

    Analysis –
    ”Silent Raids” & E-Verify immigration enforcement are destroying U.S. farms

    Commentary by Amherst College Copeland Fellow and migrant farm worker expert Daniel Altshuler examines the impact E-Verify, as it currently stands, is having on America’s farms.

    Research & Analysis“Why Domestic Agriculture Needs New, Workable Farm Labor Alternatives Now”

    Key messages from the National Council of Agricultural Employers (NCAE) 2010 Survey of H-2A Employers.

    Research – The Census of Agriculture

    Every five years, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service releases a detailed census on the state of American agriculture.

    Research – USDA Economic Research Service

    The economic and policy analysis division of the USDA. Access to information and data on the U.S. agricultural industry.

    And, Rep. Dan Lungren discussed his new legislation to work as a companion bill to HR-2164. A link to its summary is here.

    So, why SAFE and why is Big AG (like the Western Growers Association) afraid of E-Verify?

    Well, obviously, a large majority (maybe as much of 80%) of their agricultural labor is comprised of migrant illegal immigrants (probably most from Mexico). With a successful E-Verify program, they would lose all of their field workers, crops would not be harvested, cattle raised, milk gathered and their businesses would fail.

    In the meantime, Americans would need to eat and would simply import fruit, vegetables and meat from other countries, like South American and China. America’s food supply would be outsourced as America’s farmlands lay fallow.

    So, what does SAFE propose?

    A guest worker program on the scale of a million plus workers a year. But, a program under the control of the United States Department of Agriculture. This is the essence of Rep Lungren’s bill.

    We have a dilemma here.

    America needs E-Verify to remove the “jobs magnet” for illegal immigration. However, America needs labor to harvest its food supply.

    This proposal appears to be a suitable, temporary compromise. American agriculture needs to find better and more efficient methods to develop and harvest their crops in a less labor intense method.

    America’s farmers and dairymen should NO LONGER be dependent upon foreign workers to conduct business. Our national security demands it.

    Stay tuned, as I will have more later…..

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    Flap’s California Morning Collection: June 20, 2012

    A morning collection of links and comments about my home, California.

    Today, everyone awaits California Controller John Chiang’s decision on whether the California Legislators who passed a questionably balanced budget last week (soon vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown) will be paid. The per diem pay which the members of the California Assembly and State Senate receive while in session is paid weekly and Chiang has withheld last week’s paycheck pending his determination as to whether the “balanced” budget complied with California Proposition 25 passed by voters last November.

    In the meantime, the California Legislature is in session and have floor sessions scheduled for noon today. Various legislative committees are also meeting. The California Assembly website is here and the State Senate is here.

    The California Legislative Portal is located here.

    On to the links:

    A ‘humble man’ from Santa Paula in the center of state’s redistricting storm

    Reformers in California had been trying since 1926 to empower an independent commission, rather than the Legislature, to draw political district lines. So it was an historic day on June 10 when the first such commission held a news conference to unveil the state’s first proposed maps drawn without the stench of a smoke-filled room or the taint of partisan deal-making.

    To the microphone in a room at the State Capitol stepped chairman-for-the-day Gabino Aguirre, a Mexican immigrant, one-time migrant farmworker and retired high school principal.

    The questions came fast from an assemblage that included a dozen or so reporters and a bank of television cameras. One, posed by a reporter from Antioch, was confrontational: How could the commission have so botched the proposed lines to divide communities in the hills of the East San Francisco Bay?

    Aguirre, unperturbed, answered philosophically.

    “I’ve mentioned to people that Santa Paula is the center of the universe,” Aguirre said of the town in which he lives and once served as mayor. “If I go to a commission and say, ‘We are the center of the universe,’ that is great. But the work of the commission is to draw the state into districts with large chunks of population. It may not be possible to give each community everything it wants.”

    The confrontation defused, Aguirre moved on.

    For the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, many more such confrontations lie ahead. It is in the midst of a rigorous two-week period during which it is conducting 11 hearings around the state to receive public feedback on its proposed maps, a tour that will include a stop Wednesday evening at the Oxnard College Performing Arts Center.

    The commission will consider public input, issue revised maps on July 12 and then enter a final stage of internal review before submitting final maps to the secretary of state on Aug. 15.

    Bera Stays in Congressional Race

    Dr. Ami Bera, an Elk Grove resident who lost the Congressional District 3 race last November to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Gold River), said June 17 he is seeking a rematch against Lungren in November 2012.

    “We are firmly committed to running against Dan Lungren,” Bera said.

    These comments come a week after the California Citizens Redistricting Commission unveiled the first draft of their proposed Congressional district maps for California.

    Under the current proposal, Lungren would no longer represent Elk Grove and would instead have his district cover eastern Sacramento County.

    Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento) would have her district expand over Elk Grove.

    If the proposed maps were finalized, Bera would have to move out of Elk Grove to Lungren’s new district area to challenge him.

    Death penalty costs California $184 million a year, study says

    A senior judge and law professor examine rising costs of the program. Without major reforms, they conclude, capital punishment will continue to exist mostly in theory while exacting an untenable cost.

    Taxpayers have spent more than $4 billion on capital punishment in California since it was reinstated in 1978, or about $308 million for each of the 13 executions carried out since then, according to a comprehensive analysis of the death penalty’s costs.

    The examination of state, federal and local expenditures for capital cases, conducted over three years by a senior federal judge and a law professor, estimated that the additional costs of capital trials, enhanced security on death row and legal representation for the condemned adds $184 million to the budget each year.

    The study’s authors, U.S. 9th Circuit Judge Arthur L. Alarcon and Loyola Law School professor Paula M. Mitchell, also forecast that the tab for maintaining the death penalty will climb to $9 billion by 2030, when San Quentin’s death row will have swollen to well over 1,000.

    In their research for “Executing the Will of the Voters: A Roadmap to Mend or End the California Legislature’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Death Penalty Debacle,” Alarcon and Mitchell obtained California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation records that were unavailable to others who have sought to calculate a cost-benefit analysis of capital punishment.

    Villaraigosa: Stop wars, give cities more money

    In his first appearance on “Meet the Press” in his role as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa presented his argument Sunday for an increase of federal funding to cities.

    And, part of that, he said, is ending the wars in the Mideast to make more money available to cities.

    “I think the term was used that (it) is like they are on another planet,” Villaraigosa said when asked about the Republican presidential debate.

    “The fact is, Americans are out of work. Too many people are not able to get back in the workplace and not enough is being done to train them for new work.

    “We are asking that we need to focus on home again, and the issue is front and center in the cities.”

    Villaraigosa said because of the costs of war, Congress has taken money away from the biggest needs in the cities _ transportation, housing and education.

    It is in the cities, he said, where the basic services are provided and where help is needed, Villaraigosa said.

    “We are the ones who are delivering the services, and we find the debate among Republicans as being out of touch with everyday people,” Villaraigosa said.

    Villaraigosa took over as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors this past weekend and he is making his inaugural speech today, where he is expected to call for the mayors to take a more active role in lobbying Congress to deal with urban issues.

    Enjoy your morning!

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    House 2012: California Rep. Dan Lungren and Ken Calvert Head Top Ten Republicans Most Vulnerable to Redistricting

    California GOP Rep. Dan Lungren (CA-3)

    Rep. Dan Lungren and Rep. Ken Calvert make the top two at the National Journal’s vulnerability list.


    While the California Citizens Redistricting Commission works to draw lines for 2012 California Congressional Districts, these Congressman’s districts have changed demographically over the past decade.

    Dan Lungren:

    The incumbent protection plan California passed in 2002 gave this suburban Sacramento district parts of GOP-leaning outlying counties. Now, census results show Sacramento County is large enough to fully contain two districts, which could force Lungren, a nine-term veteran Republican, into a more compact and more Democratic district. In 2010, while many of his GOP colleagues were cruising to reelection, Lungren barely stumbled across the finish line and could be in more serious trouble against the same opponent in 2012.

    And, Lungren’s opponent Dr. Ami Bera has already announced a rematch and has started raising money ($230,000 in the first quarter of 2011).

    California GOP Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-44) with Speaker John Beohner

    Ken Calvert:

    A big surge in Latino voter participation in California’s Riverside County explained why Calvert was almost caught napping in 2008: That year, Calvert barely hung on with 51 percent in a race on no one’s radar screen. This district is now 45 percent Hispanic, and the 10-term Republican could easily find his Corona home in a 55 percent Hispanic district if redistricting commissioners decide one should be drawn. Of course, Calvert could move to a more Republican neighboring district, but he would face a competitive primary.

    Stay tuned……

  • Dan Lungren

    Video: California Democrats Go Saul Alinsky Over Rep. Dan Lungren and Styrofoam

    Christopher Guerrero and the CDP crew wanted to meet Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) halfway after he ended the use of compostable utensils and take out trays in the U.S. Capitol

    Come on, how stupid is this? Saul Alinsky must be proud of all of the RIDICULE. But what are the facts?

    First the Republicans took over the House. Now it’s the cafeterias.

    Republicans say the use of “compostable” cups and utensils, a key part of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Green the Capitol initiative, was “neither cost-effective nor energy-efficient.” So they brought back plastic utensils and foam cups, ditching the eco-friendly dining wares of the Democratic era.(…)

    But Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Gold River), whose committee oversees the cafeterias, ended the $475,000-a-year composting program initiated by Pelosi after a study found it had increased energy use and barely reduced carbon emissions.

    “I never thought I’d be known as ‘Styrofoam Dan,’ ” said Lungren, who is surprised by all of the fuss.

    In defense of the decision, Salley Wood, a spokeswoman for Republicans on the Committee on House Administration, said, “I think you’d be hard-pressed to find taxpayers who consider blowing a half-million dollars on a failing program a ‘small thing’ in this economic environment.”

    But, with the Saul Alinsky disciple Democrats, Rep. Dan Lungren is now “Styrofoam Dan” and a environmental boogie man – just like the billionaire Koch Brothers. As you see, it is all symbolism over substance with the LEFT.

    Far Left Speaker of the House was wasting half a million dollars a year to be environmentally correct, when, as it turns out, the program was a FAILURE. In fact, the program, had crappy utensils, used MORE energy and barely reduced carbon emissions.

    We all want a sound environment AND a sound government. But, wasteful government spending, like this program, we can do without.

    So, go ahead, Democrats and ridicule Rep. Dan Lungren as “Styrofoam” Dan – because he just saved American taxpayers a mere $ half a million.

  • Ami Bera,  Dan Lungren

    CA-3 Video: Ami Bera and ObamaCare Equals Bad Medicine for California

    And, Ami Bera is a California physician?

    Ami Bera, the Democratic nominee in the 3rd Congressional District, didn’t cast a vote for federal healtAmi Berah care legislation. But that’s not stopping critics from blasting the first-time candidate over the Democrat-backed plan.

    American Crossroads, a conservative group with ties to GOP strategist Karl Rove, is airing a spot saying the Elk Grove doctor doesn’t think the overhaul of the nation’s health care system goes far enough.

    The ad, posted below, claims that the legislation championed by President Barack Obama will result in billions of dollars in new taxes, higher insurance premiums and steep cuts to Medicare.

    Ami Bera is a physician but not really a practicing one – an educator and former County Health Director = a paper pushing administrator with an MD degree.

    Wow and the Obama/Pelosi loving Democrat has never run or held elected office before.

    Not a good choice for California’s Congressional District #3.

    Congressman Dan Lungren, a former California Attorney General who has EVEN been endorsed for re-election by the Left-leaning Sacramento Bee is the much better candidate.

  • Ami Bera,  Dan Lungren

    CA-3 Video: Who is Ami Bera?

    Congressman Dan Lungren television ad

    Republican Representative Dan Lungren is up with a new television ad asking the question: Who is Ami Bera?

    A good question.

    Why should California voters replace a long-term Congressman and former California Attorney General, Dan Lungren, for a paper-pushing physician who has worked for the government and a medical school.

    Plus, there is this cloud over Dr. Bera’s head which really should be explained.

    It is known that the aforementioned Bera owned a transient hotel in California that had a registered sex offender (case involved a minor) living there in April of 2010.  It is also known that living at the location in question would be effectively banned for sex offenders under the California Penal Code, as it is too close to both a
    playground and a high school.  Lastly, it is known that the property was sold in December of 2009.  These things are all known.

    It has been reported to RedState that in April of 2010 an agent of the Bera campaign ran a focus group on Bera’s ownership of this hotel and the residency of the sex offender.  If the information provided to RedState is as reported, then the Bera campaign was both aware and actively worried about the possible implications of it being revealed that their candidate was renting to sex offenders (the information provided to RedState used the plural).  It also indicates that at least one sex offender was living on the premises when Bera owned it; obviously, it would hardly reflect badly on the candidate if a pedophile moved in after Bera sold the property.  In short, there seems to be a bit of potentially-disturbing development going on here.

    Now, it is entirely possible that the answer to the question Did Ami Bera knowingly violate the California Penal Code by renting to a pedophile? could be ‘no.

    So, Yes or No?

    Who are you Dr. Bera?

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    John Boehner Retains House GOP Leader Position


    House GOP minority leader John Boehner and California Representative Dan Lungren

    Representative John Boehner of Ohio has been re-elected as House GOP leader over Representative Dan Lundgren of California.

    Boehner was re-elected by his Republican colleagues Wednesday over a late challenger, Rep. Dan Lungren of California.

    The 59-year-old congressman from Ohio has served as Republican leader the past two years. The party he heads will have some 20 fewer members in the next Congress following defeats in the November election.

    The Republican leadership team under Boehner will shift somewhat to the right with the addition of two members of the party’s conservative wing. Eric Cantor of Virginia will become Republican whip and Mike Pence of Indiana will be the new chairman of the Republican Conference.

    Lose 50 seats and get re-elected.


    Cantor and Pence are solid additions to the GOP House leadership.


    California Representative Dan Lungren to Challenge for GOP House Leadership

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    California Representative Dan Lungren to Challenge for GOP House Leadership


    House GOP minority leader John Boehner and California Representative Dan Lungren

    Former California Attorney General and Sacramento area Congressman Dan Lungren has decided to challenge Representative John Boehner for the House GOP minority leader post.

    Rep. Dan Lungren announced Friday that he will challenge Rep. John Boehner for House Republican leader.
    Lungren (Calif.) is considered a longshot to unseat Boehner (Ohio), who moved quickly after last week’s election to shore up support in the GOP Conference.

    The 62-year-old Californian earlier this week indicated he was weighing a bid, but some on Capitol Hill believed he would not opt to challenge Boehner because he lacks the votes.

    Furthermore, successful leadership bids are usually announced right after an election. Lungren waited 10 days to make his announcement, which he made in a “Dear Colleague” letter.

    Lungren hopes to tap into member frustration with the state of the party, and its huge losses in the last two elections.

    After House Republicans lost 30 seats in 2006, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) challenged Boehner but was easily defeated, 168-27.

    Dan Lungren is a far better spokesman for the GOP than Boehner can EVER hope to be. And, look at Boehner’s track record – a loss of 50 plus GOP seats in the House.

    Time for a change and Lungren can lead the charge.

    Dan Lungren:

    “It is my belief that it is neither in the interest of our party or the advancement of our conservative principles to simply affirm the status quo by acclamation in light of what happened on November 4th,” Lungren said.

    The election for the GOP House leadership will be next week.

    Stay tuned…..

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