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Running with Rudy at NASCAR in New Hampshire


In this continuing series, Dan Meyers follows the Mayor and talks with Brian Kilmeade of FOX News and Herbert Ames of NASCAR on Sunday in New Hampshire.


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3 thoughts on “Running with Rudy at NASCAR in New Hampshire

  1. Rudy is playing this out for some much needed publicity. He is well liked across the country for the ILLUSION of control he presented publicly on 9/11. But when it came time to delivering for the families and victims, he hasn’t delivered. He’s not electable. No matter how many liberal war haters he “checks”.

  2. Yeah Yeah the same ol’ arguments that the left will try to tar Rudy. He did nothing for the victims….blah blah blah. Oh and do not forget the fire fighters. ZZZZZZZZZ

    The same ol’ public employee union arguments.

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