President 2008,  Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Poll Watch: Florida – Rudy Continues To Lead

Rudy Giuliani, left, former mayor of New York and candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in the United States, meets with former British Prime Minister and current Mideast envoy of the Quartet, Tony Blair, right, in central London, Wednesday Sept. 19, 2007.

ARG Florida Primary:

  • Rudy – 26%
  • McCain – 18%
  • Thompson – 16%
  • Romney – 14%

Let’s look at some historical Florida polling data and some graphs:



Real Clear Politics


For now, before the start of any significant media campaigns, Rudy owns Florida. Mitt Romney has started some ads so it will worthwhile to watch his numbers in a week or so.

Fred Thompson who MUST win Florida lags.

Stay tuned………


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