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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hillary Care 2.0


John Fund from the Wall Street Journal has the story with HillaryCare Flops in California.

Hillary Clinton is patting herself on the back for proposing a health-care plan that is much more politically astute than her 1993 Rube Goldberg effort. She told an audience in New York this week: “I think I have successfully thought through all of the objections and pre-empted them.”

She may want to think again. Last January, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed an eerily similar plan using the same rhetoric and even the same slogan adopted by Mrs. Clinton to describe hers: “Shared Responsibility.”

That’s no coincidence. Both ArnoldCare and HillaryCare 2.0 are the product of the same advisers. But despite all of its clever political compromises, ArnoldCare is bogged down in trench warfare in California’s liberal Democratic Legislature. If anything passes, it will likely be only a shell of a bill without any financing component. Legislators will hope voters approve a general tax increase to pay for it in November 2008.

Does Arnold REALLY think he can sell a TAX INCREASE to Californians to pay for illegal alien health care?

If anything, the Governator may be helping put California in play for Rudy Giuliani by stimulating an anti-tax turnout for November 2008.

Flap says bring it on Hillary – I mean Arnold.


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