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Rudy Giuliani Confirmed for Values Voter Summit


The B-52’s – Tell It Like It T-I-IS

Giuliani Now Confirmed for Value Voters Event

And with those words, all eyes will now be on this event. I am told Giuliani will speak Saturday morning. There will be a straw poll at the event and the results will be announced sometime Saturday afternoon.

You can say whatever you want about Giuliani but give him this much: he’s not backing down. This is typical of him and his campaign. They will not concede the social conservative vote. They believe (as documented in this space before) that they can win over quite a few social conservatives. They are not rolling over.

And most of the voters, although they may not agree with Rudy on all issues, will I am positive WILL with him on 90% of them. Rudy will tell it like it is.

Rudy will NOT win the straw poll, but so what?

Both will need each other in order to beat Hillary Clinton.


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