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Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch: Arnold Signs Car Tax Increase Bill Into Law

Britain’s Conservative Party leader David Cameron, left, meets with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger at his office smoking tent in Sacremento in California Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007. Cameron is on a three-day visit to the west coast of America.

Motorist fee increases signed by governor

Acting on the last batch of bills from what experts called a disappointing regular legislative year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday signed into law a controversial increase in motorists’ fees that is intended to raise millions to develop alternative fuel and clean-air technology.

Consumer advocates condemned the bill for putting the costs on the backs of motorists rather than oil companies.

Registration costs will go up $3 per year for all vehicles and a smog abatement charge on new cars will jump from $12 to $20 a year.

Although this is a small and modest increase, Arnold was first elected in a recall election by promising a roll back of the “car tax” and a no “new taxes” pledge.

Is this the start of Arnold’s post-partisan assault on California taxpayers?


Schwarzenegger has NOT settled the multi-billion dollars of structural deficit in any of HIS state budgets.

Look for the Governator next year to negotiate with the majority Democrats to approve programs which would require across the board tax increases. Will there be GOP support since California law requires a 2/3’rds vote of the California Legislature to approve them?

No. There will be NO GOP support for either the programs or tax increases.

Arnold will put the tax increases on the ballot, circumventing his own party.

Flap doubts they will pass and Arnold will be portrayed as just another TYPICAL POL who taxes and spends his way to electoral bliss.

Arnold is heading the way of his fellow Predator actor, Jesse Ventura.

Stay tuned……..

Graphic Courtesy of Jay D. Dyson


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