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Ron Paul Watch: The Neo-Nazi Problem


Flap has discussed Ron Paul’s Neo-Nazi “JEW” problem on numerous occasions in these posts:

Today, Andrew Walden at the American Thinker has an exhaustive expose on the Ron Paul Neo-Nazi connection – among others:

When some in a crowd of anti-war activists meeting at Democrat National Committee HQ in June, 2005 suggested Israel was behind the 9-11 attacks, DNC Chair Howard Dean was quick to get behind the microphones and denounce them saying: “such statements are nothing but vile, anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

When KKK leader David Duke switched parties to run for Louisiana governor as a Republican in 1991, then-President George H W Bush responded sharply, saying, “When someone asserts the Holocaust never took place, then I don’t believe that person ever deserves one iota of public trust. When someone has so recently endorsed Nazism, it is inconceivable that someone can reasonably aspire to a leadership role in a free society.”

Ron Paul is different.

Of course, Ron Paul is different. He sympathizes with the

What is even more interesting is Ron Paul’s involvement with NUTTER Cindy Sheehan.

The ugly mishmash of hate groups backing Paul has a Sheehan connection as well. David Duke is a big Cindy Sheehan supporter eagerly proclaiming “Cindy Sheehan is right” after Sheehan said, “My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel.” members joined Sheehan at her protest campout in Crawford, TX and posed with her for photos. Sheehan is also intimately associated with the Lew Rockwell libertarian website which has posted over 200 articles by Ron Paul as well as some “scholarly” 9-11 conspiracy theories.

On October 26th, Michael Medved, a Salem Communications talk radio host, wrote the following letter to Congressman Ron Paul:

Dear Congressman Paul:

Your Presidential campaign has drawn the enthusiastic support of an imposing collection of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 “Truthers” and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.

Do you welcome- or repudiate – the support of such factions?

More specifically, your columns have been featured for several years in the American Free Press –a publication of the nation’s leading Holocaust Denier and anti-Semitic agitator, Willis Carto. His book club even recommends works that glorify the Nazi SS, and glowingly describe the “comforts and amenities” provided for inmates of Auschwitz.

Have your columns appeared in the American Free Press with your knowledge and approval?

As a Presidential candidate, will you now disassociate yourself, clearly and publicly, from the poisonous propaganda promoted in such publications?

As a guest on my syndicated radio show, you answered my questions directly and fearlessly.

Will you now answer these pressing questions, and eliminate all associations between your campaign and some of the most loathsome fringe groups in American society?

Along with my listeners (and many of your own supporters), I eagerly await your response.

Respectfully, Michael Medved

To this date there has been NO response.

Flap has asked before and asks again: Congressman Ron Paul when will you repudiate these hate-filled racist groups who undermine the very freedom and liberty you espouse?

Don’t hold your breath for an intelligent response.

Stay tuned…….


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9 thoughts on “Ron Paul Watch: The Neo-Nazi Problem

  1. Yup, Cindy Sheehan and Lew Rockwell. Best buddies.

    You know who else was best buddies? Leon Trotsky and Ayn Rand. They hooked up all the time.

    Hey, why not? That makes as much sense as Cindy Sheehan and Lew Rockwell. Actually, Trotsky and Rand were probably closer politically than Sheehan and Rockwell, so maybe I need an even more absurd example to analogize to this nonsense.

    I guess I can skip the rest of the article, because anyone stupid enough to think that Lew Rockwell and Cindy Sheehan are “intimately associated” politically can’t possibly have anything worthwhile to say.

  2. I am a Jew with relatives actually living in Israel, and I have no problem with Ron Paul taking donations from anyone.

    The White Supremacists support him mostly for withdrawing aid to Israel (which, contrary to popular belief, would actually free Israel to open up a Biblical can of beatdown on the Arabs, and besides, the aid is only 5% of the state’s budget) and for returning to sound money.

    These are good policy platforms that I believe are true beyond the people who espouse them. If anything, Ron Paul can provide guidance to these lost souls and mabye give them focus on the rational parts of their philosophy, and guide them away from the sensless hate that consumes them.

    And finally, can you name one, you just need one, thing on Paul’s platform that is Nazi?

    1. Are you out of your mind?

      Go over to and read some of the threads. Then go to David Duke’s site.

      Report back when the NUT- Kool-Aid has worn off.

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