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Ron Paul Watch: Paul Will Not Return Neo-Nazi/ White Supremacist Don Black’s Contribution

Well, Flap knew Ron Paul would not return Don Black of Stormfront.Org’s $500 donation weeks ago. But, listen to his myriad of excuses anyway:


Flap’s favorite:

  • “Why give it (the money) back to him and use it for bad purposes.”

Is Ron Paul clueless that he is legitimizing this Neo-Nazi creep?
Ron Paul understands and will take their support. But, Paul is going to lose and lose big regardless of how much Jew-hating money he receives.

And, Ron Paul associates with all of these types too:

Of course, Ron Paul is different. He sympathizes with the

American voters understand and marginalize this kind of behavior. For the other 5 per cent or so that support this CRANK, the question is WHY?

Stay tuned……

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Ron Paul Watch: The Neo-Nazi Problem

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  • chris lawton

    Ron Paul vs. The Philosophically Bankrupt

    After reading the name-calling and other non sequiturs from the anti-Ron Paul crowd, I am of the view that their hostility arises less from his opposition to war, or the direction American foreign policy has taken for decades, or any of the other specific programs he has criticized. What troubles them the most is that Paul has a philosophically-principled integrity in what he advocates and that, to challenge him, one must be prepared to deal with him at that higher level.

    But modern political discourse long ago gave up on principles, in favor of the pursuit of power as a sufficient end. There is an intellectual bankruptcy exhibited by writers and speakers on the political “left,” “right,” or “middle.” Competing ideas and values that once engaged the minds of thoughtful men and women have given way to little more than pronouncements on behalf of narrowly-defined political programs; the validity of a proposition no longer depends upon reasoned analysis, but upon the outcome of public opinion polls.

    Ron Paul’s campaign interjects an energized, principled inquiry into the political realm, an undertaking for which men and women with no philosophic center or rigorous minds find themselves woefully ill-prepared.

    Neocon Neil Tries To Smear Ron Paul

  • Kellie

    Doesn’t sound like he is very sympathetic to the groups you mention in this interview:

    I find it quite telling that this business of the $500 donation has been talked about for the last two months or so, and yet the mainstream media didn’t say a word about it until after Paul’s campaign had raised $6,000,000 in one day – more than any other presidential candidate in the history of U.S. elections.

  • Jumbo

    This is a non-issue. If this is the only dirt you can come up with on Paul, then he definitely has greener pastures awaiting him down the road…

  • Bob Pyle

    Ron Paul is the last hope we have to restore commonsense to America. Let the blind continue to lead the blind because they are blind to reality and truth. I think Tim Russert will have a new revelation after this coming Sunday on meet the press.

  • dpotts

    Ron Paul’s answer is that he’s the only candidate seriously calling for an end to the drug war, is the only candidate that counts Jewish economic giants Ludwig Von Mises and F.A. Hayek as heroes, AND has mentioned the possibility of pegging Walter Williams (a prominent black economist) as his running mate. Do some real research before you smear, or at the very least put the REAL issues on the table.

  • Flap

    I have done all the research I need to do on this old crank. He is a nut who takes money from the Neo-Nazis.

    He won’t win the GOP nomination.

    End of story.