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Hillary Clinton Watch: It’s OVER

Michael Ramirez parodies Hillary’s 3 AM television ad

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency is OVER – at least so says Dick Morris. Flap agrees. Even with Do-Over elections in Michigan and Florida she cannot win sufficient elected delegates to beat Obama.

Obama will win Mississippi this next week and then it will be a long five weeks before the Pennsylvania primary. Will someone DARE go to Bill and Hillary and tell them to capitulate?

In the meantime, the best in his piece by Dick Morris is this suggestion to Obama:

The next time Hillary uses the recycled red phone ad, counter with one of your own. When the phone rings in the middle of the night, have a woman’s voice, with a flat Midwestern accent, answer it and say, “Hold on” into the receiver. Then she should shout, “Bill! It’s for you!”

Because with Hillary’s complete lack of any meaningful experience in foreign affairs, and her lack of the “testing” that she boldly claims, she’ll be yelling for Bill.

And, McCain should film a piece when Hillary answers the phone at 3 AM and calls out to a Secret Service staffer – “get McCain on the line.”