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Barack Obama Up By 8 Over Hillary, Even With McCain But Trails in Electoral College


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Today’s Presidential polls show Barack Obama leading in the popular vote polls for the Democrat nomination.


  • Obama – 46%
  • Hillary – 43%

In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Obama 46% Clinton 43% (see recent daily results). Clinton leads by thirteen points among White voters including a twenty-seven point advantage among White Women. Obama leads among White Men, has an overwhelming advantage among African-Americans, and a solid lead among voters under 50. Among Democrats, Clinton leads by seven. Among unaffiliated voters likely to participate in a Democratic Primary, Obama leads by a two-to-one margin.


  • Obama – 51%
  • Hillary – 43%

This is the fourth consecutive Gallup Poll Daily tracking report showing Obama with a statistically significant lead. It marks the first time since late February that either Clinton or Obama has sustained a statistically significant lead in the race for more than two consecutive days. (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

In the general election match-ups, although national poll numbers are close, there is a decided advantage to John McCain in the Electoral College. The Obama vs McCain map is above and the Hillary vs. McCain map is below.


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The numbers favor the GOP’s John McCain in the state by state match-up and Hillary Clinton decidedly matches-up better against McCain than Obama.

But, do you hear ANY of this in the MSM?


  • Stephen

    Most of the polls at are a few weeks old now, and were taken during the wright scandal, not an active portrayal of whats happening right now. Also, I do not trust the Rasmussen polls as of late, they all tend to favor McCain. SurveyUSA has been a little AWOL lately.

  • Flap

    No doubt the race is fluid but the electoral map has never been favorable to Obama.

    He wins the Democrat primaries in red states but has NO chance to win them in the general election.

    Hillary is the most electable Democrat but I doubt they nominate her.