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Barack Obama Watch: John McCain is NOT a “WARMONGER”

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., kisses Athena Mayahin-Barrett 10 months, from Missoula, at a rally at the Adams Center at the University of Montana in Missoula, Mont., Saturday, April 5, 2008.

Barack Obama has thrown Lefty radio talk show host Ed Shultz under the bus and repudiated his assertion that John McCain is a “WARMONGER.”

Yesterday evening, Senator Barack Obama dropped by a fundraiser for North Dakota Democrats. The campaign arranged with the state party to allow a print pool reporter to accompany the senator, but no cameras were allowed, which has been typical at fundraisers (usually the events are not equipped to handle cameras, which require lights, a sound system, and risers).

The New York Times reporter who went to the fundraiser sent out his “pool report” following the event, which included the following paragraph: “Radio talk show star Ed Schultz warmed up the crowd, attacking Sen. John McCain as ‘a warmonger,’ before Obama arrived in the room. Obama thanked Schultz, saying he was he ‘voice of progressive radio.’” The print pooler later said Schultz was talking as he was ushered into the event, and there is no audio recording of Schultz’s remarks.


Obama was fine with whatever Schultz said but when Barry was called on it he threw Shutltz overboard.

And, Shultz should feel what about Team Obama?


Why Flap is for the “WARMONGER.”

To the Democrats, George Bush and Dick Cheney are “chickenhawks,” while John McCain is a “warmonger.” These smears are equally stupid and equally characteristic of a party that, having run out of ideas long ago, now subsists on hate.

Now, if Obama will admit that McCain, not being a warmonger, has not advocated fighting in Iraq for 100 years, and if he apologizes for his own endlessly-repeated smears that were essentially the same as Schultz’s, we can get on with the campaign.

But, Barry Obama won’t. He will play that 100 year in Iraq sound bite over and over for months – even though he is FOS.

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  1. I believe McCain must have recently repented of all his former warmonger activities and will most likely make a statement renouncing all his former statements. You will know he is sincere because he will give all his money to the poor people that he and his friend Charlie Keating made homless.

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