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Barack Obama Lying About John McCain and 100 Year Iraq War


Barack Obama Continues His 100 Years Of War Attack

In a great catch from MKH, Barack Obama is caught in a LIE about John McCain’s 100 year war comment (H/T Allah over at Hot Air).

Here is Obama’s comment from the other day:

  • Barack Obama misstates John McCain’s position on the Iraq War again.

In a back and forth at today’s press conference, Obama insisted he was not taking out of context McCain’s comments about keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years. Asked if his attack was disingenous, Obama had the following to say:

“I don’t think it’s unfair at all,” Obama said. “John McCain, I mean, we can run the YouTube spot, has said that we will stay there as long as it takes. And if it takes another 100 years, he’s up for that commitment and that implies that there is some criteria by which we would understand how long it takes.

“John McCain has not been clear about what exactly would lead him to decide it’s time to pull out. And so, you know, the problem that we’ve had both with John McCain and George Bush is that there’s no clear definition of success. There never was, and that’s why this has been such a profound strategic error. And you know, I think it is entirely fair to suggest that unless he’s got some criteria where by, at some point, we would be able to pull out our troops. For him to argue that, which he has repeatedly, that any suggestion that we withdraw troops is surrender. That implies that we will be there as long as he thinks it’s necessary for us to be there.”

Ok, let’s look at the Meet the Press interview where John McCain was asked about his 100 year Iraq War comment with the video clip of McCain.


There is more:

“He (McCain) says that he is willing to send our troops into another 100 years of war in Iraq” (Barack Obama, Feb. 19).

“We are bogged down in a war that John McCain now suggests might go on for another 100 years” (Obama, Feb. 26).

Now, Barack Obama is either stupid, disingenuous or LYING for political expedience and advantage.

Take your pick…….


John McCain Watch: The 100 Year Iraq War?


  • V

    REASONS WHY MCCAIN WILL SURELY WIN (and also predictions on what will happen while McCain is in power and afterwards).

    I see Obama as the less of three evils..
    But MCCain will Definitely win.
    Only read this if you have a few hours (or days) to do your own research, otherwise you will surely dismiss this. If you can spend the time to research this it would be appreciated, as it’s important.

    First of all I have to explain a few things. Politics in America is a farce, elections do not respect real vote of Americans since a few years now (research in youtube diebold, “hacking the elections” etc). So this must be taken into account.
    Second the media are completely controlled in their general lines (not only fox news), the people who control them are the Rockefellers, Morgan, Warburgs etc (research cnr, trilateral commission, Bilderberg Group etc). They also control the general lines of a few secret societies amongst them the “skull and bones” in which all Bush’s family is and Kerry and most CIA are hand picked from these societies. (research in wikipedia Bush in “skull and bones”, IG Farben and Carlyle Group ).
    The bankers that took power by establishing the FED and lending money to the government need the government to run big deficits as this gets them more money, this deficit is counter balanced only by the fact that after WWII America imposed that petrol is traded in dollars (research Petrodollar, cfr, fed). Some research estimates the real value of the dollar to be now 2 cents (I don’t believe this but I believe is around 20cents).
    Iraq started trading petrol in euros (research oil for food program), and also Venezuela and Iran wanted to do this soon. This would mean crushing American dollar to its real value and the total collapse of America.
    America had to persuade Americans and the world opinion that a war against Iraq and iran is needed, also needed more control and power over citizens (patriot act).
    War is also good for CFR as the bankers will get the interest of all the money needed for the war.
    To change the world’s opinion on this war they bombed the twin towers and pentagon (watch documentary “9/11 Ripple Effect” should show enough evidence, if that is not enough look a few more and follow some of the truth movement).
    Don’t dismiss all of this please RESEARCH yourself.
    So after this introduction i can tell you what will happen in the future:
    1. Media in this moment is pushing for Obama to win against Hilary, and at the same time slowly dismissing both of them and praise McCain.(research the technique of FOX news of saying “some people says” to give judgments and not facts).
    2. So they can have an easier battle against Obama to make McCain win.
    3. With such control of the media McCain will most likely reach the needed support (he doesn’t need to fairly win the election but it’s always good to not hack the election by more than 5-10%, so he would need some real support). However, if the polls (the real polls not the ones they show you) show that McCain is losing they will do other attacks (not as big as 9/11 yet). People will be scared for home security and will vote for McCain.
    4. VeriChip RFID will start to be installed voluntarily on babies if their parents decide is good for them.
    5. Dollar will be replaced by AMERO the new currency, America will join Mexico and Canada (why do you think they allow all these illegal immigrants and build a motorway… research amero). (this move will be good for America but a disaster for Mexico and Canada when the dollar will crush to its real value)
    6. Another attack, this time of the size of 9/11 will happen, this will scare Americans again and more. Iranians will be the alleged cause (by the way see interview with Benazir Buttho 1 month before she was killed to learn Osama Bin Laden died in 2001. Interesting to see both Al Jazeera and BBC version).
    7. With this they will finally make the installation of verichip in every citizen compulsory. A weapon of mass destruction will be used against Iran (I don’t think it will be nuclear bomb but at the same time will not be full war because America seems not to have enough money.. unless they are insane enough to still print some more!?). (research “Iranian oil bourse” to see the reason).
    8. The last liberties of America will be abolished, people will forget what freedom is and complete control will be achieved in America (which now includes Canada and Mexico).
    9. CNR founder members will continue until they have their idea of “one world government” completely realized, they will succeed and they will silently rule the world by behind the scenes. (new world order)
    Thanks for your time, now start insulting the “loony” theories… or start doing some real research, pass the phase of being scared of such a reality, and give some constructive comment.
    I suggest you to move to another country if you live in America now.. don’t say I didn’t tell you..