Capital Punishment,  Michael Morales

Michael Morales Watch: US Supreme Court Upholds Lethal Injection Executions


The United States Supreme Court upheld the use of lethal injection executions this morning.

The Supreme Court upheld Kentucky’s use of lethal injection executions Wednesday.

The justices, by a 7-2 vote, turned back a constitutional challenge to the procedures in place in Kentucky, which uses three drugs to sedate, paralyze and kill inmates.

“We … agree that petitioners have not carried their burden of showing that the risk of pain from maladministration of a concededly humane lethal injection protocol, and the failure to adopt untried and untested alternatives, constitute cruel and unusual punishment,” Chief Justice John Roberts said in an opinion that garnered only three votes. Four other justices, however, agreed with the outcome.

So, let’s get on with the execution of Michael Morales. Certainly, the State of California has finished upgrading the death chamber at San Quentin?

Remember the Morales Case?

Remember his victim, Terri Lynn Winchell?



Governor Schwarzenegger, let’s get on with it……..

Stay tuned…….


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