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Tony Strickland Watch: Public Safety Advisory Committee Formed for CA SD-19



Tony Strickland for California State Senate, 19th District and Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca who has endorsed him.

Tony Strickland photo courtesy of Kevin Korenthal

From the press release:

Tony Strickland is pleased to announce that he has formed an advisory committee on public safety which consists of the top law enforcement officials in our community and will serve as a valuable resource for this important issue.

Members of the committee include Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten, former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Gorell, CHP District Director Shawn Stevens, Ventura County Fire Chief Bob Roper, former Santa Barbara Sheriff Jim Thomas and Thousand Oaks City Councilmember and former Chief of Police Dennis Gillette, all of whom support Strickland’s bid for State Senate.
“It is critical that we have representatives in Sacramento who understand the needs of law enforcement and will work to make our families safe. Tony Strickland not only understands this but has always remained committed to making public safety his top priority. The creation of the Public Safety Advisory Committee will strengthen Tony’s solid safety record by providing access to a wealth of public safety knowledge and experience,” said Sheriff Brooks.

Strickland has amassed a number of high profile law enforcement officials in his campaign for California Senate. They will provide an invaluable resource and advocacy to his candidacy.

Ventura County Sheriff Bob Brooks who also has endorsed Tony Strickland for California Senate


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