Cindy Sheehan,  Nancy Pelosi

Cindy Sheehan to Challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi meets with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in the United States Capitol

Cindy will have to obtain over !0,000 plus signatures but that should not be a problem, now should it? Flap assumes that the Speaker will win the Democrat primary election in June.

Take that Speaker Pelosi.


  • Ling

    Pelosi is supposed to be left of the left, and she’s being challenged by Sheehan who gives a totally new meaning to the word left. Should be fun to see Pelosi tacking even more left…

  • Flap

    Nancy Pelosi represents a very LEFT district in San Francisco, California.

    What will be most interesting is she has a left challenger in the June California primary election. The number of votes of the challenger will give pundits an opportunity to see how much of a dent Sheehan can make in her re-election plurality.

    Will Pelosi move MORE to the left?

    Damn, she is already out there.