5 thoughts on “The Latest Indiana Democrat Primary Poll Numbers

  1. When Obama received those 10 states and won those delegates, they were not aware of all the bad baggage that Obama has now. I spoke with several of those voters in Georgia and they tell me that in no way would they have voted for Obama, so the Delegates that Obama now has are not true delegates,

    1. Obama has done well because of what he stands for and not because of what his pastor thinks or has said. What bad baggages? The bad baggages are there because of what someone who is not running has done.Obama is in the church because thats were he found God and his faith in Him, not because of his faith in the pastor. We have to be fair Clinton did not left her husband because of the white house intern sex scandal. Most women believe she should and were dismay when the New York governor’s wife stood by her man.

  2. Obama is doing fine and will continue to do so into the very end. America needs to accept the fact that Obama is the best elect because the polls reflect that. Obama has ran a clean, well organized and very inspring and indepth campaign with the concerns and interests of the American people in mind. Obama has great expertise in the foreign affairs matters. Obama have united millions home and abroad. He receives just as much respect from those abroad, as he does here in America. Obama’s success and rising capability to reach and inspire so many have caused those in opposition to retaliate out of fear and disbelief and posed them to continually target him with demeaning controversy. It’s apparent that all of these misfits of targeting began to manifest as a result of Obama success and Hillary’s decline. It is the media who controls the polls and the election. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. If any betraying has been done, it is that of the media against Obama. Just because Obama is the best elect, he has been subjected to all kinds of attacks from the outside and as well as the inside. The media needs to forward concerns on Hillary about the letter Iran wrote concerning their dissaproval of the statement Hillary spoke concerning them and the lie concerning Bosnia. Thses are direct acts of Hillary, whom is actually a democratic candidate. The pastor’s acts are his owns, and he is not a candidate for the seat, so why so much coverage wasted on him. Run some favrable coverage on Obama and his accommodating agendas that benefit the American people and not the lies for the majority of the time. I was baptized and stayed with a one church for about 18 years to later move on, yet I didn’t attend on a daily basis. People have the right to choose and change whenever they sees fit. Out of twenty years, we all change, so I don’t see a big deal about him leaving , going nor coming. Obama didn’t allow the pastor to speak at an engagement last year on his behalf. So, it goes to show that he had already agreed that he had second thoughts way before now. People see what they want to see, when in retrospect it is the media and the individual whom is harboring the real problem. It is not Obama. It is the accuser in this case. It happens all the time, that’s why I refuse to stoop to the level of the accuser. OBAMA 08

  3. People belong go to a church not just to pray or because they agree with the pastor. Often the church is a community center that offers educational, social, recreational activities for parents and children. It is a place where political, economic and environmental concerns about the communtiy can be advanced.
    And this is especially true of someone with mixed heritage like Barack Obama who was brought up by a single mom without a father. He learned how tolerate rejection from both sides.

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