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DNC Denver Host Committee Short on Cash

Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., waves to the overflow crowd as she walks with campaign aide Huma Abedin, right, and a secret service agent at a campaign event in Huron, S.D., Thursday, May 29, 2008. Clinton is campaigning in the state in anticipation of the June 3rd South Dakota presidential primary election.

Flap can’t help but think the reason why Barack Obama has NOT agreed to pay off Hillary’s campaign debts (rumored by some to be over $30 million) is because he would decimate his own fundraising accounts AND the DNC would not be able to backfill him because they are out of money.

Millions of dollars behind in raising money and unlikely to meet a fast-approaching final deadline, the Denver committee hosting the Democratic National Convention is considering spending cuts.

Committee sources say they are working with the Democratic National Convention Committee to consider lowering the $55 million in private cash and donated services that must be raised to bring the convention to town. The cuts would be made to the many parties the host committee is obligated to throw for the delegations and the news media, and other hospitality functions not tied to production aspects inside the convention hall.

Howard Dean had done GREAT JOB in fundraising for the Democrat National Committee – NOT. And, so now Hillary goes on her merry way to beat up on Obama over and over again until the Denver Convention because Obama cannot afford to help pay her off.

Maybe Obam will have to change his mind again and accept public financing for his general election campaign – just to get rid of the Clintons.

Stay tuned…..


  • Flap

    The Clintons do not want to help the upstart Obama at all. If they can bleed him or the Democrat Party dry financially or wound him in the Midwest it is all good.

  • Alice Wolf

    Obama has burned all his bridges.
    He has antagonized Hillary’s supporter and her backers by boasting
    about his ability to raise fortunes for himself, but he doesn’t say anything
    about helping out the DNC or the citizens of the U.S. who are finding it
    almost impossible to survive in the present economic climate.
    He has aligned himself with some very dubious characters in his
    personal and career life and he is not honest in his dealings even
    with his own party, his own church, his own affilications or even
    his own Black Race. Why would anyone want him to be the one
    responsible for this country. That seal of his says it all.
    He is just a web site, not a person. How can a web site get elected
    as President of the United States, we need a genuine caring person
    in the White House. According to Bill Clinton, perhaps Mandela
    would be the best choice after all is said and done. He’s black,
    so that should seal the deal. Amen. Alice Wolf.

  • pittsburgh drug crimes lawyer

    Alice.. he certainly has made more efforts with marketing in different verticals and mediums such as the many campaigns he has on the internet/web. Looking at it from a neutral standpoint, it almost seems to be mostly marketing without much to back it all up.

    Joseph P.

  • McXavier

    I am glad to see Obama did not burn his bridges and he has established a good relationship with the Clintons. Obama has also raised more money than anyone period. I feel Obama has been very forth right in his dealings with his church. His pastor spoke the truth about many of the racial injustices in American during his time. I am African American I believe Obama has been very forthcoming in dealing with his race. He is trying to present solutions to the nation’s concerns as a whole.