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Hillary Clinton Watch: End of the Road?

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An updated post is here on the End of the Road for Hillary Clinton

The last Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign ad? “Tuesday it’s up to you. You can join over 17 million people who have voted for a leader who can fix the economy.”

Looks like a DEAL was made with the Obama campaign about the payment of campaign debt and Hillary has scheduled tomorrow night a post-primary speech in New York.

Hillary Rodham Clinton will give her post-primary speech in New York Tuesday night, a rare departure from the campaign trail.

Staffers who have worked for her on he ground in Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana have been invited to attend the event or go home for further instructions, campaign aides said. The New York senator had no other events Tuesday. She planned to address AIPAC Wednesday in Washington.

But she is under increasing pressure to cede the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama after the final primaries. There was a sense of denouement in the campaign. She planned to rally with husband and former President Clinton and their daughter Chelsea in South Dakota Monday night—a reunion usually reserved for election nights.

Looks like Hillary will throw in the towel after the votes are counted tomorrow.

Has she been able to weasel her way onto the ticket? Flap says doubtful but her campaign debts will be paid and she will be given a speech at the convention.

After a five week vacation, Hillary will be up and running for President again while undermining Obama.

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