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Gay Marriage on November California Ballot

gay marriage

Afi Wikins (L) and her partner Quesha Landers smile after making their appointment for a marriage license at city hall in San Francisco, California, May 16, 2008

The Limit on Marriage Constitutional Amendment has qualified by initiative and will appear on the California November general election ballot.

The full text of the California Constitutional amendment is here.

The latest polls have it either leading or failing. Go figure. It will be a close race in any event due to the large numbers of young voters who will be drawn to the polls by Barack Obama.

The Protect Marriage website is here.


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  1. I really found this post very interesting because it really hits home with me since I have two family members that are Gay and really I wish society viewed Gay marriage as they do with a man and a woman want to get married. The way I look at it is as long as the two people love each other and are happy that should be the only thing that matters. Even though two of my family members are Gay it doesn’t make me think of them any less they are still my family and as long as they are happy that is what matters the most and I think society should think the same way and why they don’t I don’t think any of us will know or understand why they don’t. So thanks for the great post and keep up the great writing…

    Ryans last blog post..The Steps I Took To Overcome My Mental Illness And Achieve Acceptance In My Life

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