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The Obama Energy Policy of the Future


Michael Ramirez with apologies to Jed and his kin

If American voters think today’s oil and energy policies are grand with soaring prices and the dependence on countries who do not like the United States, then they will love the “NEW” policies of a President Obama.

The Democrats have blocked meaningful domestic oil exploration and development for decades. They have blocked the development of nuclear power plants. They have blocked the development of shale oil.

They have been good at regulation, taxes and demagoguery about oil company CEO’s.

The Democrats and Obama have stayed in the nihilistic past and will lead America into gasoline shortages reminiscent of the Jimmy Carter years.

Just wait……

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3 thoughts on “The Obama Energy Policy of the Future

  1. Oil exploration and tapping this nations unfound oil reserves will do little to bring oil prices down. Unless the USA nationalizes its energy reserves, this newly found oil will simply be sold to the highest bidder. Seriously, the only way to bring prices down, from our own national reserves, is to sell it well below market value. And since this is a profit driven country, that won’t happen.

    Fortunately oil prices have come down. This is largely to do with the devastating economic conditions in the USA which is now spreading across the globe.

    McCain has some great ideas regarding nuclear energy, and for that I applaud him.

  2. You have it wrong.

    Drill here and drill now. Develop Shale oil, wind, nuclear,biofuel and natural gas resources.

    Nationalize? No way.

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