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John McCain Watch: The 8th Attack on Military Record – James Webb Edition Pushback

Webb and Obama

Senators Barack Obama and James Webb

Team McCain is pushing back on the Senator James Webb attack on the McCain military record last night on MSNBC.

McCain spokesperson Brian Rogers:

“If you didn’t think this was a coordinated attack on John McCain’s credentials before, it’s clear now that it is. Barack Obama’s surrogates are telling the McCain campaign to “calm down” about attacks on his military record? Seriously? Now somehow Wes Clark’s attacks are John McCain’s fault? It’s absurd. If Barack Obama can’t control his own surrogate operation, how can he be trusted to run the country?”

Greg Sargent et. al. from the LEFT may believe that this eighth attack of the McCain military record is not a concerted and organized effort to impugn McCain but the record is clear. And Webb’s apologies from a spokesperson are ridiculously predictable.

Who will be the next hit and run Democrat lackey to go after McCain’s military record? Jay Rockefeller and George McGovern have already been used.

All of this discussion about McCain’s military and war record highlights the fact that Barack Obama has NO military experience.


John McCain Watch: The 8th Attack on Military Record – James Webb Edition

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