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John McCain Watch: Vice President to be Named This Week – Is it Bobby Jindal?


Senator John McCain and Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Yesterday evening Flap posted a piece after DC journalist extraordinaire, Robert Novak, quoted sources close to Team McCain that John McCain would reveal the name of his Vice Presidential selection this week.

Although Flap opines that an early announcement portends well for Mitt Romney, others say NAY. Now, comes speculation that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is McCain’s Vice President choice.

John McCain is set to meet with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Wednesday, a move that is certain to increase speculation the Arizona senator is seriously considering the 37-year-old Republican for his running mate.

News of the meeting, first reported by the Washington Post, comes amid reports the McCain campaign has mulled the possibility of naming the vice presidential candidate later this week in an effort to steal the medial spotlight from Barack Obama’s trip overseas. Sources close to the Republican presidential candidate have indicated that scenario is one of several possibilities that have been recently discussed.

Flap admits Bobby Jindal would be a good choice. But, the best choice?

The timing is important and both Mitt Romney and Cindy McCain are out of the country. So, this rumour and speculation may be a Team McCain feint in order to dilute news of Obama’s foreign adventures.

A Thursday Vice President announcement or a “LEAK” today, however, would spin the weekend talk away from Obama and force his hand to name his choice for Vice President.

Stay tuned……..


John McCain Watch: Vice President to be Named This Week – Is it Mitt Romney?

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  • Karolyn

    The media is so biased toward Obama it probably would not make any difference what Senator McCain did or did not do this week. The media attention to Obama is just short of ridiculous. THREE anchors on the trip!! If McCain REALLY wants to attract some media attention – name Carly Fiorina as his VP candidate. The media would not dare to ignore a woman – they already did that.

  • Flap

    I would like to see Carly Fiorina return to California and run for Governor or against Barbara Boxer in 2010. Sarah Palin would make an excellent Vice President.

  • Tom

    Palin is really looking impressive standing up to Andrew Halcro and Monegan’s accusations. I think there will be an independent investigation. I suspect she will come out of it clean and be an impressive governor if the AGIA stuff gets approved and Alaska gets the ball going on future natural gas production. She seems like someone who doesn’t always get it right, but seems to be able to get things done. If McCain doesn’t not pick her, she might run for a second term or maybe the House or Senate in the future. She is probably on McCain’s short list, but the home run pick instead of the safer pick.