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Hillary Clinton Watch: No Vice President for Hillary?


Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the You Tube debate last year

Think that Hillary Clinton might be Barack Obama’s choice for Vice President, especially since John McCain has made a resurgence in the polls?

Think again.

And, what about the money? You know, Barack paying off Hillary’s campaign debts?

There is also continued grousing within Mrs. Clinton’s circle that Mr. Obama is not doing more to help her pay off her debt, and continued grousing within Mr. Obama’s circle that Mrs. Clinton expects him to do much to help her repay her debt.

Barack Obama is going his own way on the Vice President choice. Good news for John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the GOP.

Look for Hillary Clinton to continually undermine Obama with Clinton Cabal “LEAKS” such as this.

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Watch: No Vice President for Hillary?

  1. The worst blind is the one who doesn
    t want to see the things.
    THE ONLY CHANCE OBAMA HAS TO WIN IS HAVING HILLARY CLINTON IN THE TICKET.Since he announced she is not in the ticket Obama is dropping 1% per day in the pools. This is symptomatic. Clinton voters like myself will vote for McCain instead. Because between all of the m Hilary is the best but between MCCain and Obama, Obama is less worst.

  2. oooops!!!
    just said wrong the last sentence. ” Between McCain and Obama, MCCAIN IS LESS WORST.

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