Barack Obama,  Barbara Streisand,  John McCain

McCain, Obama and Streisand

John McCain sings Streisand

Content alert. The website watermarked in the above video is adult content only.

Since Team Obama blocked cameras and recording of Babs singing last night at the Obama Beverly Hills fundraiser, Flap has to go to plan B.

John McCain sings Streisand.


Well, it is almost the same, isn’t it?

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  • casas rurales

    I just saw it – it is brilliant – the choice of songs – remember in the movie the way we were she played a student activist socialist and in love with a navy officer. Donna we don’t need your vote Braz. – People who need people. Popa Popa for Barack – dreams of my father – this video is so good on so many levels.

  • Aneriz

    Sorry, the candidates are running for President of the USA, not for Global office. Europe’s opinion is NOT important.