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The ACORN Squirrels Are Cute But What About Jeremiah Wright?


The GOP has deployed Squirrels for tonight’s debate

ACORN, William Ayers and squirrels aren’t going to cut it if John McCain wants to win the Presidency. Now, Jeremiah Wright and the racism/anti-semitism preached in Obama’s African American church is an issue that can be exploited.

But, McCain won’t do it.

Flap bets Sarah Palin is wondering why she signed onto the Titanic.


Flap agrees with this – mention them ALL – over and over again.

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  • sassinfras

    mccain needs to be more attractive for the independants. so far he has been irratic and unclear. his attacks against obama will only get approval from the republican core, votes he already has. he needs clarity in his campain and to stop the desperate fear mongering and to get back to his message, whatever that may be.
    palin has been the ice burge which sunk the titanic. the only people she appeals to are the conservatives, who would vote for mccain anyway.