Harry Reid,  Rod Blagojevich,  Roland Burris

Roland Burris FINALLY Certified and Will Assume Obama’s Senate Seat


 Roland Burris to be sworn in on Thursday

Roland Burris jan 7 2009

Roland Burris, D-Illinois will replace President-Elect Barack Obama in the United States Senate, January 7, 2009

According to Fox News, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate Caucus have agreed to seat Roland Burris as Barack Obama’s replacement in the United States Senate.

Apparently, the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White who previously refused to sign the certification of Burris’ appointment has indeed signed a second piece of paper essentially doing the same thing. Harry Reid, et. al. have agreed to accept this along with a letter from Governor Hot Rod Blagojevich appointing Burris.

Roland Burris who is currently in Cihicago will soon leave for Washington to assume his duties as a United States Senator from Illinois.

Did Harry Reid REALLY have any other option?

Chalk up a victory for Hot Rod as Harry Reid licks his political wounds.

Now, the Illinois GOP should begin immediately to recruit an excellent candidate to run against Burris in 2010.


Ambinder has the joint Reid-Durbin statement regarding Roland Burris with hysterical annotations.


When Will Harry Reid Capitulate and Seat Roland Burris In Obama’s Senate Seat? How About Tomorrow?

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  • Chuck

    I’ve thought all along this was a good thing for the GOP. Word on Fox today is that he has performed poorly in state wide elections

  • Ling

    Reid got taken to the woodshed on this one. And Hot Rod has now shown that Reid isn’t exactly as cunning and smart as everyone assumes he is. Here’s hoping that GOP Senators (what’s left of them…) will be able to give Reid the same treatment, and pull the rug out from under the Dems’ agenda. And wonder what kind of a Senator Burris will be. I mean, is he in line with the likes of Durbin and Reid and Schumer, or will he be more of an ‘Independent’?

  • Flap

    I don’t see alot of energy from Roland Burris. It will be difficult for him to raise money and run for re-election.

    Watch Tammy Duckworth. If she starts raising money with Obama’s help, she will run against Burris in the Democrat Primary election.