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GOP Rep. Eric Cantor’s Effin’ Reponse to AFSCME/AUC Ad Blitz – Updated with Apology


Now Rep. Eric Cantor’s spokesman has apologized.

“I would like to apologize for a joke that was in no way an official response from Congressman Cantor, but instead an inappropriate email. I apologize to AFSCME for my inappropriate email containing an old video. Let me be clear, we know people are hurting in these trying times and House Republicans completely agree that we must pass an economic recovery bill that preserves, protects and create jobs for Americans facing these economic challenges,” said Brad Dayspring.

Quite a F**KIN’ response, Eric.

Of course, the AFSCME and Americans United for Change have complained.

Brad Woodhouse, President of Americans United for Change, responded more forcefully:

“Does Eric Cantor believe that peddling profanity-laced filth around the Internet is consistent with the values of the people of Virginia or the country? This is childish, inappropriate and disgusting behavior from someone who is supposed to be a leader in Congress and a role model to others. Eric Cantor’s response to one of the most serious crises facing America in our lifetimes is to spread this filth, denigrate government employees and treat the current economic crisis like a joke. This video has been floating around on YouTube for years – but Eric Cantor’s use of it in this context shows how completely and utterly out of touch he is with the current economic crisis and the lives of his constituents. Eric Cantor should be ashamed and he should apologize.”

And AFL-CIO President John Sweeney added: “During these tough economic times the last thing hard working Americans need is to be ridiculed by a member of the Republican leadership. Rep. Cantor should apologize for insulting America’s workers with this profane video.”

It probably wasn’t wise for Eric Cantor’s office to respond in this way.

But, you have to admit it is funny.

Here is the ad that started the entire Flap:

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