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Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Caught in KGB Reagan-Gorbachev Ruse?

Putin Undercover

Does this picture show Putin pretending to be a tourist? (pic: Pete Souza)

You be the judge.

The 20-year old photo depicts two world leaders – US President Ronald Reagan and the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev – in Moscow.

But, according to the man who took the photo, it also captures Mr Putin disguised as a tourist.

Pete Souza, now President Obama’s official photographer, captured the moment when he worked for President Reagan during the political thaw that soon ended the Cold War.

Mr Reagan took a stroll around Red Square accompanied by the Russian leader, who then introduced him to a group of tourists.

In an interview, Mr Souza recounted being surprised at the “pointed” questions these supposed tourists asked the US leader.

They included searching enquiries on the state of human rights in the US.

The identity of the man on the left of the photo – complete with camera round his neck – was later revealed and “verified” to Mr Souza as none other than Mr Putin.

Looks like Putin to me.

But, the Russians deny it – of course.

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