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Poll Watch: 24 Per Cent Favor Federal Bailout for California

And, 59 per cent oppose bailout funds for states like California that face serious financial problems. For California specifically, 66 per cent oppose a bailout.

As for California specifically, again just 24% believe the federal government should guarantee the state’s loans. Sixty-six percent (66%) of voters nationwide oppose federal guarantees. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said the state may request such guarantees.

Even given the most extreme example of bankruptcy, voters oppose federal subsidies to keep the state government going.

Forty-eight percent (48%) say it would be better for the economy to let California go bankrupt rather than provide federal bailouts. Just 38% said it would be better to provide federal subsidies so the state can continue to pay its bills and provide services.

California’s revenues have decreased to 1999 levels. Why not cut spending to match the revenue?

Too simple, huh?

California should cut government spending supported by the politically powerful public employee and teacher’s unions and get real about balancing its budget.

Or, RINO California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democrat dominated California Legislature can explain to California voters why they have bankrupted the state.

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  • Thoughts That Make You Think

    I live in california, own a small business and live in a house that has love HALF it’s value. All I can say is that we are cutting edge in many ways, but when it comes to spending all the money that is collected California has been a mess for awhile!