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Another Television Reporter Girlfriend, Lu Parker, for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?


KTLA-TV Channel 5 anchor/reporter Lu Parker and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Remember the summer of love of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Telemundo Channel 52 anchor/reporter Mirthala Salinas a couple of years ago?

Well, it is Deja Vu all over again – now with Lu Parker and said Los Angeles Mayor Villar (except this time he is single).

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was spotted perusing the merchandise in a Larchmont bookstore with a local television reporter who is also a former Miss USA. 

Earlier today, NBC Channel 4’s L.A. news website posted a story about the sighting, including a snapshot of the two together inside Chevalier’s bookstore with the mayor casually dressed, wearing shades and having a laugh. The woman, Lu Parker of KTLA Channel 5, is a general assignment news reporter and weekend anchor for the station.

And that made it newsworthy, given that the mayor’s prior relationship with a different TV reporter coincided with the widely publicized breakup of his marriage.

“Witnesses say they did not hold hands or kiss, but appeared very chummy,” the NBC Channel 4 story said. “Parker was seen touching the mayor’s chest and stomach while they spoke. She was also seen looking at a book about Kenya and overheard saying to Villaraigosa, ‘We should buy it for our trip.’ “

And, Parker has already told her bosses at KTLA that she and the Mayor are dating.

Flap wonders if the Mayor’s new squeeze is the reason he seems disinterested in the 2010 California Governor’s race and recently passed on the California Democratic Party Convention, where he was conspicuous by his absence.

Mayor Villar appears to be busy.

Watch Lu Parker interview the Mayor on election night in November here.

Good luck Tony, you will probably need it, knowing your track record.


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11 thoughts on “Another Television Reporter Girlfriend, Lu Parker, for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

  1. Oh wow! He never learns, does he? After all the public apologies over that Salinas girl, and having her shunted out to sone hick-town, we’re right back there again. Bet your boots this girl gets shunted out of LA ASAP. IF it was some other place instead of LA, teh Mayor would have to give up politics.

  2. Has anyone ever accused the little guy of being a “tall, handsome man”?

  3. Who is Lu Parker (that will save you “googel”time): Parker is best know for the one report she did about waxing her Betty (that is on youtube) on a local LA station. No, you could not make this up. She is a “teleprompter reader” not a journalist. Parker looks like she is in her sixties and talks with a heavy southern accent. Seriously, L.A. is the number two market. What is she doing on the air in the first place. I guess the next “watergate” story is not coming out of LAChannel 5, which has become a parody of itself. At least telemundo had the ethics to fire their reporter. Does Channel 5 really have such a hard time replacing this “insightful Journalist?” She reported on the mayor and slept with him at the same time. Fire her! Well, I guess at least her betty was ready. Nobody watches Channel 5 anyway, but now they not only lost their ratings, they lost their credibility….

  4. Lu really broke my heart. I feel Villaragosa is playing adultery with and needs to step down if Lu wants to maimtain her job at KTLA. The only way I would go for her is if she had her collar buttoned up all the way without a tie as a blessing. Lu, if you want to date someone and save your KTLA job, please try dating me. I’m always available.

    Darryl Rutherford of Long Beach, CA

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