Poll Watch: Obamacare Support Increases But 51 Per Cent Disapprove


So says the latest Rasmussen Poll.
President Obama’s speech to Congress Wednesday night has provided at least a short-term boost in support for the health care reform plan that he and congressional Democrats have proposed. But the bounce is partisan in nature, with the increase in support coming entirely from those in the president’s own party.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national tracking survey shows that 46% favor the plan and 51% are opposed. The survey was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday nights. The previous two-day sample, conducted Tuesday and Wednesday nights, found that 44% favored the plan while 53% were opposed.

Look for a modest boost up in the polls for Obamacare until more of the details become vetted in a few weeks. Then, Obama’s bait and switch health care reform will collapse under its own weight.

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