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California Senator Barbara Boxer Worried As Democrats Go After Carly Fiorina

Web Ad from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

United States Senator Barbara Boxer must be worried about her re-election prospects. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is already going after former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina who is an unannounced POTENTIAL candidate.

It is obvious that the Democrats are worried about Boxer who never really has been tested in a statewide general election. All of her previous Republican opponents were underfunded or scandal-ridden pols who had no chance of winning.

Senator Boxer’s predecessor, Democrat Alan Cranston, retired in 1992. She won the open seat contest in the US Senate elections that year. She defeated Bruce Herschensohn, a conservative television political commentator, by 4.9 percentage points after a last-minute revelation that Herschensohn had attended a strip club.[14] In 1998, she was re-elected for a second term, beating Matt Fong, a former state treasurer, by 10 percentage points.[15] She had decided to retire in 2004 but says she decided to run to “fight for the right to dissent” against conservatives like Tom DeLay. After facing no primary opposition in the 2004 election, Boxer defeated GOP candidate Bill Jones, a former California Secretary of State, by a margin of 20 percentage points.[16]

A September 2009 poll places her approval rating at 46% and her disapproval rating at 44%.[17] A March 2009 field poll found voters about evenly divided on Boxer’s re-election, with 43% inclined to support her and 44% leaning against. [18]

California has been represented by Boxer for three terms and she has NO noteworthy accomplishments, unlike her female cohort Senator Dianne Feinstein who is extremely popular.

Is Boxer vulnerable?

Well, California unemployment is high and the Democrats have been in power in California for decades, only held in check by a sometime Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. California voters may be looking for a change and that is why Boxer and the national Democrat Party are worried —> hence the attack ad for a POTENTIAL candidate.

Stay tuned…..

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