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More Signs that California Senator Barbara Boxer Is Worried As Democrats Go After Carly Fiorina

Web Ad from Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

There are MORE signs that Senator Boxer and California Democrats are worried about Carly Fiorina.

A Boxer puff piece from Marin County, although Boxer moved to Oakland in 2006.

And, frank realization that California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore has not and will NOT be able to raise the campaign money to come close to defeating Carly Fiorina in next June’s GOP Primary election.

If you look at the graphic above you will see that DeVore’s campaign for the U.S. Senate is heavily in debt.  He owes over $106,000!  Ruh-roh!

And it turns out that DeVore’s Assembly campaign accounts are also in debt!  See the figures below.

DeVore in ‘08 (active)
Cash (6/30/09) = $2,064.65
Debt (6/30/09) = $31,782.87 (of which $7,800 are loans from himself made in
2009, the rest is accrued expenses)

DeVore in ‘04 (active)
Cash (6/30/09) = $224.93
Debt (6/30/09) = $19,308.51 (of which $18,850 are loans from himself made in
2003, the rest is accrued expenses)

Seriously, when is someone in DeVore’s circle going to look him in the eye and say “Chuck, it just isn’t in the cards bro…time to quit!”

Then, there is a Carly Fiorina puff piece and a retort that Fiorina’s web efforts are not up to stuff (quite the rage on the Left and RIGHT side of Twitter).

Flap says NO to Boxer and the Boxer shorts as the REAL 2010 Senate campaign begins – Boxer Vs. Fiorina.

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2 thoughts on “More Signs that California Senator Barbara Boxer Is Worried As Democrats Go After Carly Fiorina

  1. Thanks for pointing out my State Assembly campaign debt.

    Do you know why I have it? Because, rather than spending the money I raised on running up my totals in the 70th Assembly District, I spent about half of the money I raised helping other Republicans — and went into debt to do so. I have contributed well more than $150,000 in the past few years — about five times the total given by Carly Fiorina to Republicans over the years. In addition to my campaign account contributions, I have been contributing personally to Republicans going back to 1982.

    The fact is, I have raised more money at this point in our campaign than any Republican U.S. Senate candidate has in over 10 years — and have done so with 14,000 donors.

    Back on your first point — I could have easily decided not to be a team player and ended my accounts in the black — but that’s not the way I’m wired.

    Lastly, I raise the largest portion of my money in district of any Orange County lawmaker, according to media reports. And I raise it in small donations, rather than rely on Sacramento-based PACs, few, if any, who can play in a federal race.

    I hope this sets the record straight.

    To see my 2008 campaign’s record of donations, go to the Secretary of State’s website:

    Chuck DeVore
    California State Assemblyman
    Candidate for United States Senate, 2010
    Be a supporter:
    Follow on Twitter:

  2. Sorry Chuck that this post went to moderation but they do that when there is more than two links included.

    And, thanks for clarifying your Assembly figures.

    The questions I and many California Republican voters have:

    How much money do you have on hand to run against Carly Fiorina?

    And, will you be able to raise sufficient funds in order to run a meaningful campaign in the primary and/or general election?

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