links for 2010-05-03

  • Just got this scoop from California Pro Life Council czar Brian Johnston: The organization will endorse Carly Fiorina Tuesday over Orange County Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

    This is a big deal in conservative circles, as this is California's largest single-issue pro-life group. When Fiorina got the nod recently from the Susan B Anthony Candidate List — think of it as the anti-Emily's List — Team DeVore dismissed it as a DC-oriented group.(They're also going to kick Carly $200,000, they told me.) Don't worry, predicted Team DeVore, California pro-lifers would be behind the rock-ribbed conservative DeVore.

    But this pro-life group, the California affiliate of the National Right to Life organization, isn't. And the reason has to do with one thing: They think Fiorina has a better shot at winning. In the June primary and in the fall.
    More Bad news for Chuck DeVore who is in third place in all of the polls

  • No one's going to ignore the National Enquirer's reporting on political sex scandals. It is at the height of its prestige now, having been talked about as a serious Pulitzer Prize contender for its coverage of the John Edwards scandal.

    The tabloid has cred. And some conservatives and anti-Obama liberals are complaining about the media's refusal to "cover" the Enquirer's web splashes about then-Senate candidate Obama's alleged extramarital affair with a finance staffer, Vera Baker. The lede reads: "PRESIDENT OBAMA in a shocking cheating scandal after being caught in a D.C. hotel with a former campaign aide." Is the media covering for Obama? Are they too afraid to ask the question, fearing ridicule from their peers?
    Everyone dismissed the John Edward's scandal as well

  • With two dissents, the U.S. Supreme Court announced Monday that, for security reasons, the public will no longer be able enter the court through the majestic doors at the top of the steps beneath the inscription "Equal Justice Under Law."

    Instead, people will be directed to a new ground floor entrance.

    The announcement was no surprise—as the change was part of a renovation project-but the dissenting statement by Justice Stephen Breyer and "joined" by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was unexpected.
    Stupid dissents from two of the most LEFT Justices

  • Ray Haynes at Flash Report has a subtle hit up on somebody running for office this year:

    The key years for the current budget are the 06-07 and the 07-08 budgets[….] As critical to the current crisis, however, is the 07-08 budget. A legislator, or former legislator that voted for 07-08 budget, and who is now running for office, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, is deceiving Republican voters.

    I confess, I’m only watching two statewide races right now: Governor and Senator. So my first concern was whether this was an attack on Chuck DeVore, the only man in either race with experience in the California Legislature. That led me to check up on the matter.

    As it turns out no, this can’t be referencing Chuck. He voted No on three of the last four budget……
    Not true. DeVore voted Yes on Tom Campbell and Arnold's 2005 budget