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CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Censures Facebook Debate

From Cal Watchdog or at least it was


California Republican Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Devore has censured his Facebook page after a debate with a non-agreeing, non-syncophant blogger, John Seiler.

Here is the text of the post which has now mysteriously disappeared as well as the discourse at Facebook.

U.S. GOP Senate Candidate Chuck DeVore yesterday put up a Facebook post on him erecting 50 billboards across California identifying himself with the U.S. Constitution.

I posted a reply on Facebook, noting that, if he really wanted to follow the Constitution, he would oppose the Iraq and Afghan wars because there has been no declaration of war by Congress, as the Constitution stipulates.

He replied in a message to me: “Subject: Like we did on the Barbary Pirates? Oh yea, that’s right, we never did… And that was Jefferson!”

I replied that Jefferson sending the Navy and the Marines against the Barbary Pirates was hardly the same as running two long wars that have cost thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi and Afghan lives, and trillions of dollars to the American taxpayers, bankrupting the country.

Besides my original post, I’m not sure how much of this debate got onto Facebook. Because whatever was there has been deleted — censored by Chuck.

Must have only happy thoughts, America. The $5 trillion Iraq War didn’t bankrupt the country, bring Obama to power, and cause the Bush-Obama Depression. We can balance the budget without increasing military spending — nay, we can increase military spending and restore prosperity. The President can start a war whenever he wants to. Declarations of war are necessary only against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. It says so right there in the penumbras of the emanations of the Constitution. War is peace.

– John Seiler

One, you would think that Chuck DeVore has better things to do than engage a blogger on Facebook – like raising money or speaking before some Tea Party group.

Second, if your arguments are good, then let everyone see what you have written.

Having had some discourse with Chuck DeVore over the past few years, I have found him to be very thin-skinned and vindictive. I mean, afer all, he blocked me on Twitter and Facebook, after I questioned his character.

Guess someone else got under his skin – click and delete.

But, now, why did Cal Watchdog delete the post?


I guess this explains why the Cal Watchdog post disappeared.

Correction: Chuck DeVore blog removed

I removed a post on Chuck DeVore I wrote earlier today after he alerted me to mistakes in it. My apologies to Chuck, whom I have known for more than a decade. I’ll be more careful.

– John Seiler

What mistakes?