Chris Schauble,  Elita Loresca

WTF Happened to KNBC News Anchor Chris Schauble?

Chris Schauble says WTF live on NBC, Los Angeles

Guess poor Chris Schauble has been suspended/demoted/transferred to weekend anchor at KNBC, Los Angeles duty after his WTF moment.

Chris Schauble was reporting an update about Jaycee Dugard, the California woman who was kidnapped in 1991 and held for 18 years in the backyard of a convicted rapist. The video shown, however, was of Abby Sunderland — the 16-year-old girl who went missing for several days last month while trying to sail solo around the world.

The video mixup prompted Schauble to mouth the explicit phrase (which is an abbreviation for “What The Fuck?”) to viewers. It didn’t take Chris long to realize that the camera had returned to two-shot frame and still being filmed.

The network has since issued an apology over the incident. NBC Los Angeles told TMZ Thursday: “This morning one of our morning anchors mouthed an inappropriate word on air. It was inadvertent and we regret the error.”

Kind of a shame for Chris. I enjoyed his early morning banter and his fitness pieces early in the morning. Now, the only good part of the early morning news is the weather and traffic:

Elita Loresca of KNBC, Los Angeles

Yeah, I know I am shameless to sneak in a photo of Elita.

But, I met Chris Schauble at the Los Angeles Marathon Expo last March and he was a nice, stand up type of guy. Let’s hope he serves a brief purgatory on the weekends and rejoins the early morning news team.

And, soon…..


  • Jay

    I stopped watching after Chris left, now I’m watching channel 7. Everyone desrve a second chance. He’s only human.

  • Ted

    I was glad to see him go. I was already watching other morning shows and he was the soul reason. His irritating snapping of his head in a downward glare at the next news person drove me right over the edge. Now I watch this news cast every morning. What a pleasant way to wakeup to these fun attractive ladies with personalities that have blossomed now that that stiff is gone.

  • Ted

    Really, if you watch the local news as much as I do because of my habit of waking up every morning at 4:00, you realize they can usually cover it in about 20 minutes before they start repeating and filling in with all kinds of non- news worthy human interest sort of trivia. Chris was way to serious and awkward for this kind of role. The girls and the wimpy traffic man make this a much better casual broadcast for my morning cup of coffee. Good job NBC, keep Mr Buff in his ” Ultra serious” brief little workout segments.

  • Art Maeda

    Your an idiot NBC…. what’s that fools name who ran nbc for a short while. If you can read lips youd know . GET OVER IT bring Chris back you corporate fools

    Art Maeda

  • MornNewsPro

    I know Chris Nance turned out to be the employee from hell for you guys. I hope that Schauble is not like that. Please bring him back. If anything, the slight WTF comment added a little spice to your boring news program. I know you guys are the lowest rated news program. I don’t know why I watch, but I do. Bring him back please and boot Vara. I think her plain looks are fine. My husband says she’s not pretty enough, but I don’t think that’s fair. Plain and ugly people should have a chance to be on TV too. Do you think Elita will give me the name of her plastic surgeon?



  • Mr2del

    I agree with Mitch. In 1986 Boston, a weatherman apparently poked fun @ former TODAY weatherman, Willard Scott. That cost him his chief position. He spent a 3 year stint on mornings, sat in as chief for a year, went back to mornings for two more years, and moved back to chief until 1998. Mistakes do happen, and we are only human. C’mon, give us a break!! Sorry Chris for the move. I hope you return to mornings again! You’re a vibrant anchor who should be on that slot.

  • Rachel1947

    after chris was taken off the air on week days, i stopped watching. i now watch channel 7 phillip and leslie. when chris comes back i will to.

  • Jlbarlet

    we need to start a we miss chris movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The news team is horrible without Chris!!!!!!!!!
    We miss chris!!!!!!

  • Matchpoint999

    Hope you come back…..NBC such a winnie station. Dumb ass heads always make stupid errors WHAT THE FUCK

  • Harold

    I have to say, I never watch local news channels anymore. All you see are young girls basically, dressed like they’re headed to a nightclub and boobs real or not flashed all over the screen. What caught my attention was an opening that was so awkward as if they all hate each other. God what these stations do for ratings is sick. BRING BACK THE PROFESSIONALS!

  • sam

    I agree about bringing him back. I had to watch it three times because I was like WTF cause I didn’t hear it. Than i had to review it the third time slowly to see how he ‘mouthed it”.. Come one people- REALLY!! If I missed it that fast, I’m sure others too…

    • Javon Smith

      ktla is what i watch scene Chris is gone and has anybody noticed knbc has no helicopter that why their traffic report sucks how much cheep can knbc get i mean ktla is really good from 4:30-7:00 i had no idea that frank Buckley was that good of an anchor. and Henry dicarlo is very good for weather.

  • SocalJim

    I do not to tune into KNBC since Chris left. The current lineup is poor and the ‘chatty’ anchors are irritating and cannot hold the attention of the viewer. Come on KNBC……wakeup!!!! BTW: I switched over to KTLA and will not return to KNBC until the newscast improves.

  • Skip7_2000

    Today, KTLA (Channel 5) anounced that Chris will be joining their early morning news team beginning next Monday, March 14.

  • Joe

    I dont miss him at all. He’s now on channel 5 with those bunch of plastic anchors where he truly belongs. Good riddance to him.

    • guest

      Not so much a reply to Joe, didn’t know where else to put it!!! . But when I came to this area from the Midwest, I thought the collection of female weather reporters are so much fluff. Is this the way to break into the movies? There isn’t one that I watch, of all the stations. and Jillian on Fox heads the list of fluff!!!

  • Jane

    Chris Schauble is now on channel 5 news from 4 – 7 am. Glad to see him back…. I’ve now changed from KNBC. They really messed up when they moved Chris and Jennifer away from the morning news!

  • Lisa92211


  • IDIE

    He’s still not back???? You, NBC, have lost many viewers for the news to KTLA were Chris Schauble is now. DUMB MOVE!!!!!


  • IDI

    I know Elita Loresca is nice looking, but if you think she will keep an audiance over Chris Shauble, when there are weather forecaster such as Jackie Johnson, Dallas Rains, plus the new women on channel 9, you have lost your minds or eyesight or maybe both!! HEY EVERYBODY CHRIS SHAUBLE IS AT KTLA CHANNEL 5 IN LOS ANGELES.


  • CC

    Chris is great, miss him! I am sorry but every other channel has someone more attractive than Elita. Her large facial features look like an animal!!!

    • Anonymous

      Her large fake chest features are a bit icky too. KCBS is no better though, that bimbo seems completely mindless AND has the bolt ons too. KABC’s Indra Petersons is the best option imho.

    • Pat

      I can believe that KNBC dumped Chris. He was the best thing about the morning news. Now the olny thing holding any viewers is Elita. I just did the research today after I saw him on KTLA. Good for them. He is a GREAT addition to their morning lineup. NBC should have gotten a clue that the “chatty/gigglie” girls were not cutting it. I turned away ages ago and so happy to now find Chris. I wonder what Jennifer did?!!!! Pat

  • ystraight

    Channel 4 are they are the ones that are loosing . Chris is an outstanding news man, The morning news was nice when he was working. Shame on channel 4, anybody can make a mistake. He does not belong to channel 5 news.

  • lovechrisschauble

    Chris is one Channel 5 KTLA in the morning now. I just found him! I don’t want to spend my morning looking at a bunch of women and a puffy eyed traffic guy.

  • Ocdental

    We really miss Chris Schauble on the morning news on channel 4 and also Jennifer Bjorklund. These days it’s just the two girls giggling, which is a real turn off. Bye Bye channel 4 morning news!!!!

  • Gpoppy

    What a shame for Channel 4 to do this to Chris. Now the morning show turns out to be an all girlie talk show. Using these retreads from other stations smells. And how about the traffic guy? Where did they dig him up? Can’t even afford a sport coat. Channels 2, 5 and 7 look better every day. Goodby Channel 4.

  • gba273

    Are the suits at KNBC NUTS? This isn’t Charlie Sheen! Chris Schauble added intelligence and true professionalism to Today in L.A., or any other assignment he was given. If all he did was “mouth” three letters, he could have been saying “Why The Fumble?”. YA BUNCH OF PEA BRAINS! A number of years ago, a veteran, long time female anchor on the
    5 or 6 p.m., news said out loud, “What the hell is that?”, in response to a very strange picture which suddenly appeared appeared on screen. I heard it myself! I was shocked, SHOCKED!, (obviously, so was she…), but not offended. It simply cracked me up. They cut to commercial and, upon returning, she was GONE!, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. Just like that! GET OVER IT!! Being a “live” on-air personality is a very demanding job. People make mistakes, say the wrong thing, ALL THE TIME! SOMETIMES GIVING INCORRECT INFORMATION. But do they get fired for it? NO!! They apologize, correct their mistake and move on. GET A CLUE! We’re adults. There aren’t too many children watching the news at 4 a.m. AND HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY SAY ANYTHING!!!

    I believe Mr. Schauble is a man of faith, who has worked diligently to build a good life for himself and his family. I respect him tremendously. He happens to have been adopted, apparently by fine and caring people who instilled excellent values in him. He will survive and move beyond this ridiculous episode. God bless you Chris!

  • Zucobi1

    OK Chris made a Mistake, But How many new caster has made similar mistakes but it seams to be a patten, that new Castor make a small mistake and ( GONE ) thees STATION Only care about there RATING

    • Anonymous

      Only care about their ratings?? WTF?? That’s crazy!

      What else would they care about? It’s TV!

  • Maddogcks

    One number up on the dial finds Mr. Schauble doing his morning news anchor, It is great addition to their morning show

  • zygo

    I just returned from a vacation and by accident, found Chris on KTLA… well, goodbye channel 4, hello KTLA 5.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that KNBC didn’t consider the CONTEXT of the events leading to Schnaulbe’s wtf moment, as in the mistake by the control room selecting the wrong video to run over his story. In that context his high standard of professionalism is what triggered his reaction. Not excusing, just trying to spin it the best way I know how…!
    Schnauble is now on KTLA, which means my channel changed. See ya later KNBC!

    In other news… Maybe if you meatheads quit oogling that fake nasty bolt on boob Elita they might put a REAL woman on as ‘meteorologist’ with a real body and stuff (think Indra Petersons). Elita is attractive enough in an average sort of way but the bolt ons completely remove her from any kind of consideration. meh!

  • echidna

    Missing the class and voice of Chris, I was only watching KNBC because of the weather format (more cities with the temps listed for all areas of So. CA,) but soon got tired of the two giggling girls and fluff of the latest KNBC morning news and switched to Kent Shocknek. When I heard Chris was back on another channel, I was thrilled! Now bring over John Cadiz Klemack to join him, rework the weather format and I will be even more happy. KTLA, you’ve got a good one there!

  • Myron

    Channel four needs Chris bad. The new guy is terrible. His voice sucks, he needs to be behind the scene. Chris was the man. He was really smooth.

  • Lsquare

    I have to agree with Flap that the news is absolutely terrible with Veira and Lane. So happy Schauble made it to KTLA. I was already flipping around other news channels trying to avoid the two airheads…

  • Hdsubnick

    When you lost Chris, you lost the voice of Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Take into concideration how many people watched channel 4 only because of Chris. He was clear and consise and everyone respected what he had to say. There are few who could fill his shoes. I would rather see Sheen gone and Chris back. It was a big mistake to take him off the air. Bless him and his family.

    • Brbibbs17

       i guess I will have to watch channel 5, because I was watching channel 4 and had to change the channell, I could not watch the anchor person make so many mistakes.  I miss Chris S.  Cannot watch channel 4 any longer.

  • Jean simpson

    I was delighted to find Chris on Channel 5 – KTLA – on the 5 to 7 a.m. morning slot

  • Anonymous

    No longer watch KNBC morning news until or if Chris Schauble comes back.  The current anchors just don’t get the jo done.

  • Mickey

    I’m happy to see Chris on Channel 5. Alyshia on NBC makes too many mistakes and her voice is very crackly. There’s a lack of professionalism especially with the silly banter going on at NBC. Chris was great he kept things moving.  I’m switching channels. Also you couldn’t even hear what he said, it looks like he mouthed something. Alot of people say “What the f” end quote and that looks like what he said. 

    • Donnaw555

      I watched KNBC news in the mornings for 27 years – until I found out that Chris S was not coming back as an anchor.  That was the last straw for me!  I now watch CBS local news and switch to the Today Show at 7AM. I have lost all respect for the decisions made by KNBC/NBC Universal regarding the whole issue w/Chris S.  I did not know until recently that Chris was an anchor on channel 5 – too late for me to switch I have become attached to the crew at channel 2.  I will, however, follow Chris’s Tweets.

  • Wchartierjr

    After Katrina, the media blamed the lack of response on the Bush administration’s dislike of black people.Can we then conclude from the lack of media coverage and response by the Obama administration that Obama doesn’t like white people?

  • Kay

    I wish they would take this looney back.. I watch Ktla and I can’t stand listening to this creepnow that he’s on the early show. He is arrogant and annoying! Sick of him!

  • Ferrillmurray

    I guess now I will look at KTLA.  I was wondering where Chris was, guess it is time to switch.

  • Petemre

    bring Chris Schauble back to the news !!
    I don’t care for Loresca and her store bought boobs!
    Where is Anna Garcia? Like her.

  • LadyBugKai

    I cannot believe someone as professional and talented as Chris Schauble would be punished for this. He MOUTHED the words and in the media today far worse happens on a daily basis. I think this is ridiculous. I will not watch NBC news anymore. I happened to have met Mr. Schauble while covering my first media event as a reporter and he was so kind to me making certain I had access to interviewees. He did not have to do that and I will always be thankful to him. Such a great man.

  • BuzzSaw

    re Elita Loresca, and other “Big Racks” on La la land TV News.

    Apparently all you have to have as qualifications to be an Anchor, do Weather or do Traffic in Lost Angeles TV News is 1) Big Tits, 2) be a Beaner with a big Rack, or 3) an Asian with a Boob Job. Just tune into CBS, NBS or ABS (S is intentional), KTittyLA or Fox11.

    Poor Colleen Williams, WAY over the hill for TV even with her absurb “Cougar” hair-do and phatass, now mostly relegated (unless Chucky or the new Burnett Binbo is out for the day) to doing “news” on NBSLA sub-channel 4.2, which no one watches,