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CA-Gov Video: Jerry Brown Portrays Meg Whitman as Pinocchio

California Democrat Attorney General Jerry Brown’s latest television ad depicting Meg Whitman as Pinocchio

Jerry Brown is hitting back at Republican Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman after she ran television ads featuring Bill Clinton clips that call the former Governor Jerry Brown a liar on Proposition 13, raising taxes and running a California budget deficit.

But, although some of Clinton’s assertions have been examined and clarified, not all of Whitman’s ad is false. Besides, I remember Jerry Brown, the Proposition 13 tax revolt and his blatant flip-flop. A classic Jerry Brown re-invention.

So, Governor Moonbeam goes personally negative against Whitman highlighting issues where he has blatantly spun the truth or outright lied.

Nice……and good luck with that Jerry.

Here is Brown’s other television ad that also will begin on California television this evening.