Carly Fiorina

CA-Sen: National Organization for Marriage Runs Spanish-Language Ads for Carly Fiorina

English Translation:

Our values make our people special.
Work. Family. Children.
Barbara Boxer doesn’t share our values.
She supports abortion and homosexual marriage…
…and voted against immigration reform to permit our people to come here legally to work.
We’ve had enough of her talk.
Carly Fiorina for US Senate. Our values. Our senator.

An interesting strategy here with the Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Marriage organizations joining forces to back Carly Fiorina in Spanish-Language media. Naturally, Hispanic women trend to be Catholic and against abortion and gay marriage. Both positions that Fiorina supports.

The National Organization for Marriage and a group that supports female candidates who oppose abortion rights are launching Spanish-language television ads this week presenting Carly Fiorina as the candidate who shares the values of Latino voters.

The Susan B. Anthony List and The National Organization for Marriage, a group that advocates against same-sex marriage, will spend $200,000 on ads that will air on Telemundo, Telefutura and Univision in the Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego markets beginning Wednesday.

Meg Whitmans’ problems with her Hispanic maid may have opened up opportunities for Carly to talk directly to Latino women who share her views on family and marriage.