California Republican Party

Memo to the California Republican Party: Time to Change?

Well, the California Republican Party (CRP) unlike the rest of the country did not perform well in this year’s elections. In fact, it appears the CA GOP lost every statewide race from Governor to Insurance Commissioner.

The California Democratic Party will continue to control the California Legislature as they have for decades (except for a few years) since World War II.

So, what should California Republicans do?

There have been suggestions from Democrat, left-leaning mainstream media types to change it up and betray, I mean modify, party principles.


The GOP’s principles of smaller government, lower taxes, individual liberty and freedom, strong defense and less government are winners nationally and successful. The national GOP won back a majority in the House and made significant inroads into the super majority of a Democrat controlled U.S. Senate. Since World War II, the Republican Party has held the White House more than the Democrats.

Election 2010 was an overwhelming success for the Republican Party  – except in California.

Again, why?

The short answer is demographics.

I don’t have to beat the drum about ethnic voting blocks in California. It is painfully evident in the election results and will continue to be in statewide California elections.

California Republicans will have to be patient and wait until the Democrat super majorities run California into a ditch (which they will) and then pick up the pieces incrementally (independent commission redistricting next year will help), nurture their officeholders in California red areas, and recruit new candidates from the professions, business and industry who wish to serve. In the short term, they may also have to concede California as a deep blue Democratic state and fundraise/support Republican candidates from outside the state. After all, the Democratic Party nationally has become a two state regional party anyway.

But, sacrificing or selling out one’s principles by becoming Republican Lite or moderate Democrats is a non-starter.

Then, there really will be NO alternative to California Democrats who trend LEFT.

The California Republican Party will make a come back and win more elections because the principles are RIGHT. The CRP should stay the course.