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Conservative Publisher Craig Huey to Run for Rep Jane Harman’s Congressional Seat?

Craig Huey of

I have known Craig since attending El Segundo High School in the 1960’s. He is a good friend – and consistently conservative over the decades.

Rep. Jane Harman’s Congressional Distirct (CD-36) is tough for a Republican/conservative to run in, since the Democrats maintain an 18 point lead in registration. You know all about those gerrymandered California Congressional Districts, right?

 But, if Craig wants to run, then why not.

A publisher of conservative election guides is considering entering the fray in the 36th Congressional District.

Republican Craig Huey runs several websites, newsletters and forums that aim to “help Evangelical Christians vote their values,” including and

Huey said local party leaders and Tea Party groups have approached him about running for the seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, who plans to step down to lead the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

“I’m talking to some people right now and getting a lot of encouragement to (run),” he said this morning.

Huey, 60, lives just outside the district in Rolling Hills Estates, but said he might move if he decides to enter the race. He said he grew up in the area covered by the seat and runs an advertising company, Creative Direct Marketing Group, that is located in Torrance.

Craig would be opposed by two formidable Democrats: Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn (from San Pedro) who has secured the endorsement of LA Mayor Antonio Villariagosa and Marina Del Rey resident and California Secretary of State Debra Bowen.


  • Randy Goodwin

    Yes it’s a tough district for a Republican in a regular election. In a special election Craig has an excellent chance to win. The last time voters in the 36th Congressional District voted in a special election they voted overwhelmingly to recall a Democrat Governor, Gray Davis.

  • allen's

    Craig is a religious fanatic, not much different than the taliban, just not a terrorist. he is more interested in forcing his christian point of view, than governing a secular country. he is dangerous! he belongs to an extremist church (rolling hills covanant) and has a point of view that is more at home in the middle east than here. be very carefull with your vote.

  • Allen Snow

    craig hguey is a dangerous person to have in congress. he is a religious and political extremist. not much different than the taliban except, where we have a secular society, he wants to change it in to a conservative christian society. where the taliban, is fighting to keep their society a religion based one. very dangerous for our country.

    • Gregory Flap Cole

      Me thinks you are suffering from Craig Huey Derangement Syndrome. Craig Huey is a Christian. Do you have a problem with his religion?

      And, he is running for a secular office.

      Let’s stay with the issues.