Craig Huey,  Janice Hahn

Updated: Craig Huey Writes Another Big Check – CA-36: Janice Hahn Shows Fundraising Lead in July 12 Special Congressional Election

Los Angeles City Council Member Janice Hahn and GOP Congressional Nominee and businessman Craig Huey

According to the latest financial reports.

Janice Hahn doubled up on Craig Huey for the last two months of fundraising for the Southern California special House election, according to campaign finance reports provided to POLITICO.

A spokesman for Huey said he will report $323,000 in receipts from April 28 to June 22. Hahn took in $676,932 for the same period.

The Los Angeles Democrat also has a substantial cash-on-hand lead, with $326,338 remaining in the bank for the final week and a half.

Hueys campaign did not indicate whether his campaign figures included any of his own personal funds.

One of two things will happen.

Either Craig Huey will write the big check of $250K after today and be on spending par with Hahn the last week or his polling shows him behind and he will shut down the self-financing.

With about a week to go in the campaign, we will know how the race shapes up, if the big money from Huey comes in from his own bank account.

And, I have to repeat, this is an overwhelmingly registered Democratic District and it is a tough race for Craig Huey. The real campaign may come in 2012 when this CD is changed via reapportionment redistricting.


Craig Huey has written a one half installment of the big check having loaned his campaign another $100K on June 24th, two days after the June 22nd filing deadline. It looks like the spending will continue and this race is competitive.

In addition to the loans to himself, Huey had raised $144,120 by the end of the reporting period, bringing his total campaign fund to $839,514. He had $56,526 left in his treasury.

But Huey, too, has continued to add to his coffers since the latest reporting period, notices filed with the FEC showed.  On June 24 he donated $100,000 to campaign.  He also has received $5,000 from the California Republican Party and $10,000 from others in the last few days.