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Poll Watch: Occupy Wall Street Movement Fails to Interest Americans

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

Americans have grown a bit more critical over the past month of the methods used by Occupy Wall Street protesters; however, their overall view of the movement and position on its goals have not changed. The majority of Americans, 53%, say they neither support nor oppose the movement, while supporters continue to slightly outnumber opponents.

The Nov. 19-20 USA Today/Gallup poll finds Americans’ views about the goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement similar to what they were in October, with 25% approving and 16% disapproving.

Americans are tired of the protests and want some action from their elected officials. Above all else voters want change and this is bad for incumbents going into an election year, including the President.

I am really not surprised that this “Occupy” movement has not gathered any steam.

Election season is upon us and it is time for choosing.

At the same time, Americans have grown slightly more critical of the protests themselves, with more now disapproving than approving of the way the protests are being conducted, 31% vs. 20%. In October, the balance of opinion on this question tilted slightly positive.

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